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Residential Cleaning and Sealing Services

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Listed below are our range of residential cleaning and sealing services:

Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing

Bring out the natural beauty and classic polish from your marble, travertine, sandstone, limestone, granite, terracotta, slate, bluestone/basalt, concrete and paver surfaces at home. Our professional team readily provides excellent cleaning, honing, grinding, cleaning, and sealing services for your natural stones leaving them looking even better than the day they were installed.

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Porcelain Cleaning and Sealing

Get the most out of your porcelain and ceramic surfaces at home that may come in a great variety of colors, textures, and shapes adding sophistication and luxurious value to your interiors or exteriors. Our team of surface technicians make use of specialised protective coating on porcelain and ceramic surfaces to ensure easy clean function for up to 10 years.

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Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Clean your grout, restore it to its former respondent glory, and protect it so your family enjoys and stays safe and healthy with clean and beautiful floors and walls in the house. Our tile and grout experts are well equipped with the most advanced equipment and facilities to help keep clean and sanitize your tile and grout professionally—leaving your floors and walls squeaky, sparkling clean.

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Easy Clean Glass Coatings

Enhance the beauty and durability of your  pool fencing, balustrades, and other frameless panes in the house with an appropriate glass protection coating. Our glass professionals are well-trained to apply coating and protection that helps repel grime, soap scum, and dirt; eliminate the use of harmful chemical cleaners; and reduce cleaning time by up to 90%.

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Cleaning and Sealing Frequently Asked Questions

Sealers will make the surface water and stain resistant but not dirt resistant. The sealed surface should be cleaned as regularly as a non-sealed surface. If tree leaves, sap, bat droppings, and other foreign matter falls on to your surface, it will still be difficult to clean off but should not permanently stain the surface.

All porous mineral building materials will benefit from being sealed. Inclusive of stone, masonry, tile, concrete and grout.

Topical sealers provide a thin film over the surface, which in turn, will darken the treated surface. These coatings wear quickly and can make the surface slippery when made wet. A topical sealer must also be stripped off when time comes for re-application. These coatings will also block the pores of the surface and can trap salts and water just beneath the surface which may cause the coating to peel or go cloudy.

There are impregnating sealers that repel water and those that repel both water and oil based stains. Usually impregnating sealers will not alter the appearance and not make any change to the slip resistance of the surface but will not completely stop dirt and rubber getting into the open pores of the surface.

When you make comparison to similar sounding impregnating sealers, the two most important questions are: how long will it last and how deep does it penetrate into the surface? The deeper the penetration, the better the sealer. Drytreat sealers are the best on the market. Don’t just believe their website and guarantees, check out sealing forums from around the world.

Sealers need a carrier to evenly spread and take the active ingredients onto or into the surface. This carrier is either water and/or a non-water based solvent. There is no doubt that “water-based” sounds like a more desirable product but this term can be misleading.

Many water-based impregnators still contain a considerable amount of solvent such as n-butyl acetate. As a general rule, non-water based sealers are more effective than water-based sealers.

The main reason they perform better is that they are able to wet and penetrate into the surface – this gives the sealer protection from weathering, cleaning, traffic, freeze-thaw, picture framing (critical on kitchen countertops where water may bypass any surface treatment) and efflorescence.

Non-water based sealers can also be used over a previously impregnated surface and are suitable to treat resin treated stone, which is the norm for granite kitchen counters.

Yes. Especially if you have a salt water pool with sandstone, travertine, limestone, etc., it is imperative that you seal with an impregnating sealer with hardening properties that will help solidify the particles in the stone and stop any chance of salt spalling and disintegration of your stone.

If you have a mineral or chlorine pool, a standard impregnating sealer is still recommended for protection against staining.

Yes. If you would like help to protect against graffiti and would like to keep the natural look of your surface, then impregnating sealers are a great option. Once applied, graffiti can then be removed by pressure washing and/or cleaning agents without damaging the surface. We also have options with other sealers if you’re happy with an altered “painted” look to your surface.

Place about 15 mls to 20 mls or a tablespoon of water on the treated surface and leave for 20 minutes. Then soak up the water with some paper towel or a tissue, pressing hard to soak up any water in the pores of the surface. If the water has absorbed into or leaves a dark mark on the surface, it requires more sealing.

Remove spills immediately, use diluted bleach to remove marks, and routine cleaning and scrubbing of the surface with a neutral pH cleaner will keep surfaces looking good for longer. The majority of tile stores stock neutral pH cleaners.

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