Graffiti Removal, Cleaning and Anti-Graffiti Solutions

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Graffiti Removal, Cleaning and Anti-Graffiti Solutions

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Getting rid of any form of graffiti on any surface is a backbreaking process. As a complicated and delicate method, graffiti removal is a job that should be left to the professionals.

Like ink dropped into chalk, graffiti materials, like paint, penetrates and soaks deep into your surface when it’s sprayed onto your building facade or masonry walls, such as concrete, granite, brick, and sandstone. These accumulations can cause your surfaces to disintegrate and deteriorate, leading to such issues as rising damp, salt deposits, premature brick crumbling, and in worst cases, failure of the structure or surface altogether.

You will easily damage these surfaces when removing or cleaning graffiti on them with harsh scrubbing, incorrect chemical selection, and the use of wrong high-pressure cleaning techniques.

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Graffiti Removal and Cleaning Solutions

An experienced and knowledgeable graffiti removal professional like Quickly Please Cleaning knows the proper procedure to implement with the job. They will readily suggest to begin the process by correctly identifying the cleaning formulation and solution that suits and matches the surface and the type of material used in “writing” or making the graffiti.

At Quickly Please Cleaning, we use our specially engineered formulations to break down the graffiti’s molecular composition and draw the broken-down substance out to the surface so they can be easily removed. With our warm high-pressure cleaning method, we are able to thoroughly clean the surface with the bi-products and waste water carefully collected through our unique vacuum recovery system.

Abrasive measures and solutions are always avoided at all costs. It also pays to know that, contrary to what many people say, there actually is no single product that can remove and clean all types of graffiti. This is why we carry the complete top-of-the-line product selection to ensure that we have the right solution for every graffiti removal and cleaning job that you may have.

Add to that the expertise of our team at Quickly Please Cleaning who have been with use for many years now. Our team of expert technicians arrive at your home prompt and early, carrying their proposed plan of action on how to tackle the job at hand. With their custom-designed surface restoration vehicles, they arrive well-equipped with  cleaning solutions, water boiler systems, wastewater recovery systems, high-pressure cleaners, and their own traffic management equipment.

Graffiti Removal Frequently Asked Questions

A long life anti-graffiti coating provides graffiti protection for a ten-year period. It leaves the wall with a full gloss look and enables graffiti to be removed from it hundreds of times. These coatings offer the best solution in areas of frequent attack (ie monthly).

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings are cheaper and safer to apply and are almost unnoticeable on the substrate; however, they only work once. Once you remove graffiti from them, you need to re-apply the coating over the affected section. These coatings are designed to protect a substrate in case of an occasional attack (ie. six monthly).

While anti-graffiti coatings have their benefits, they are not the ideal solution to solving your graffiti problems. If you have your own cleaners and want to make the task of removing graffiti easy for them, anti-graffiti coatings will be good. A common application is coating the inside of toilet cubicle and blocks partitions. For starters, coatings are a significant investment and will require periodic care with cleaning and maintenance.

The graffiti still has to be cleaned from the substrate that will entail some labour cost. On masonry surfaces like concrete and brickwork, it is quicker and cheaper for the Quickly Please Cleaning team to remove graffiti from uncoated substrates.

Sand blasting is no longer an accepted method of removing graffiti. While it is easier, quicker, and less costly, it causes irreversible damage to substrates and more harm than good. It can lead to brick degradation, problems with rising damp, and concrete cancer. Sand blasting also opens up the pores of brickwork exposing it to the elements, which causes significant problems with staining and future graffiti attack.

All the chemical formulations used by Quickly Please Cleaning are biodegradable and safe to both our technicians and the general public. Like any chemicals, such as dishwashing liquid, petrol, nail polish remover, and their likes, they require extra care when handling and should only be used by professionals and suitably licensed people.

Our anti-graffiti chemical formulations from Quickly Please Cleaning will not harm your garden life. In fact, when broken down with water, they are actually going to make for a good fertilizer for your garden.

At Quickly Please Cleaning, the procedures developed by our team of specialists are all chemically based. We rely on chemically breaking the molecular bonds within the graffiti, drawing it to the surface, and rinsing with water under pressure. This procedure has been scientifically designed to ensure no substrate damage takes place. It works superbly on masonry surfaces like concrete and brickwork.
The fresher the graffiti is, the easier it is to remove them. Graffiti can get baked onto substrates via the sun’s ultraviolet rays making it more difficult to break down. To deter graffiti vandals from hitting your wall further, and to ensure the greatest removal success, you are best to remove the graffiti as early as possible (or at least 48 hrs).
Yes. If you would like help to protect against graffiti and would like to keep the natural look of your surface, then impregnating sealers are a great option. Once applied, graffiti can then be removed by pressure washing and/or cleaning agents without damaging the surface. We also have options with other sealers if you’re happy with an altered “painted” look to your surface.

Anti-Graffiti Coating and Protecting Solutions

Graffiti vandalism is on the rise, and homeowners are always at a risk of having their valuable properties tagged with ugly and destructive graffiti. Sadly, many insurance companies are now growing stringent when it comes to covering places and properties that are vulnerable to graffiti attack.

It’s no surprise that homeowners will take extra precautions to minimize their risk profiles and protect their valuable assets. That and other factors can encourage them to consider surface protection solutions, including anti-graffiti coatings.

Many clients want protective coatings that are not easily visible or simply minimize expenses in removing graffiti as that’s good money that could be spent on something more essential. Some clients opt to have anti-graffiti coatings applied as they prevent the surfaces attracting grime and dirt on their building’s facade. Still others want to be more flexible when it comes to removing the coating and have it readily replaced with their preferred residential or corporate colours over time.

With anti-graffiti coatings on your building facade or home surfaces, you eliminate the need to spend on graffiti removal, protect the clean and decent appearance of your building, and ultimately give you the peace of mind that your assets are well protected.

It’s important however to select the correct anti-graffiti coating type for the correct application for your surface. And regardless of your reasons behind your need for an excellent anti-graffiti protection for your walls and surfaces, our team of graffiti removal experts at Quickly Please Cleaning understands you and knows exactly what needs to be done.

They work hard to be on the lead when it comes to testing all the products and keeping up with their developments before they are finally released to the market. This is to ensure that every graffiti protecting work order is finished promptly to the client’s specification and full satisfaction.

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