Ceramic Tile Sealing and Coating Service

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Ceramic Tile Sealing and Coating Service

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Ceramic Tile Cleaning, Coating and Sealing

When asked about what we recommend when it comes to sealing ceramic tiles, we at Quickly Please Cleaning are quick to point out that when your ceramic tiles are glazed, then will not usually require any more sealing.

Although sealing their grout with a water-based impregnating penetrating sealer is a requirement, if your ceramic tiles are porous, we highly suggest having both tile and grout properly sealed with Aqua Mix® and Dry-Treat sealing solutions, two of the most dependable line of high-quality impregnating water-based sealers that Quickly Please Cleaning carries in its name.

Quickly Please Cleaning offers the premium-grade Aqua Mix® and Dry-Treat sealer solutions, specially engineered to penetrate denser materials, including marble and granite, ceramic and porcelain. That should give you your well-deserved peace of mind as it forms dependable barrier between the the micro pores of your ceramic tile flooring against potential stains from water and oil-cased hazards.

Our professional team of ceramic and porcelain tile specialists and Australia’s Aqua Mix® and Dry-Treat sealer solutions ensures a beautiful, well-preserved tile flooring to last your family for generations.

Quickly Please Cleaning offers a complete range of Cleaning and Sealing Solutions and services for both domestic and commercial premises. Call us now to get a quote or make an appointment with our friendly cleaning and sealing experts.

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