Sandstone Sealing and Coating Service

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Sandstone Sealing and Coating Service

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Sandstone Surface Cleaning, Coating and Sealing

Typical household cleaners, such as vinegar and similar others, can actually do more harm than good and dramatically damage your natural stone floors. Improper brushing or mopping can also cause scratches and etchings that prove to be difficult to remove.

For sandstone floors, the primary cause for growing lacklustre and dull is foot traffic. Being in use for quite some time will grind and pack in grit, sand, and dust. While the scratching can produce fine lines, this will cover the surface’s majority over time and eventually dull the stone’s finish where it will finally lose its beautifully reflective properties.

Quickly Please Cleaning specialises in cleaning and sealing new sandstone installations as well as those old natural stone floors that need help restoring. Sealing your sandstone flooring will keep the grit, sand, dust and other staining elements at the surface, with the sealing treatment creating a barrier that will protect it from any contamination and deterioration of your investment.

Save up on time and effort cleaning your natural stone floors and and save money on repairs and replacements by sealing and protecting them today. Quickly Please Cleaning will be happy to discuss with you our available sealing and coating solutions that will suit your needs.

For more about what our professional natural stone experts can help you with, check out our Cleaning and High-Pressure Cleaning Solutions today!

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