Basalt Sealing and Coating Service

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Basalt Sealing and Coating Service

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Basalt Surface Cleaning, Coating and Sealing

Composed of calcic labradorite, augite, and iron ore, basalt is your typical common dark-colored volcanic rock that is popularly used among building, architectural, and construction projects, both indoor and outdoors.

Basalt may also contain volcanic glass. This natural stone is normally black or dark gray in colour and relatively featureless. Basalt is made up of mineral grains that can be mostly indistinguishable to the naked eye. Bluestone and basalt are sometimes used interchangeably, where in Victoria, bluestone is referred to as basalt.

Sealing your basalt natural stone is highly recommended prior to installation. This could be because many basalt stones have soluble salts that can normally turn permanently discoloured with the installation process. You can always verify with us at Quickly Please Cleaning or your stone supplier whether your basalt requires this treatment.

Quickly Please Cleaning recommends sealing your basalt stone on all sides with their proprietary cleaning and sealing solutions. The Aqua Mix® ProBlock from Quickly Please Cleaning is a water-based penetrating sealer made specially to resist any staining brought about by minerals that are water soluble. These minerals are usually absorbed through the back of your basalt stone during the installation process.

Call us at Quickly Please Cleaning today for an appointment or a quotation and our natural stone specialists will be happy to give you a visit and discuss the various cleaning and sealing options we can provide you with.

Check out our cleaning, sealing, and protecting solutions at Quickly Please Cleaning here: Cleaning and High-Pressure Cleaning Solutions. For all your cleaning and sealing needs with your natural stones used in your kitchen and bathroom countertops, garden edging, pool surrounds, commercial and domestic floors and retaining walls, Quickly Please Cleaning will be happy to help.

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