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Grout Coating and Sealing

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When liquid like water, oil, or grime is spilt on a tile, natural stone, or grout that has some level of water absorption, almost instantly a stain can result as the reaction time to clean is close to zero.

Sealing your tile, natural stone, or grout surface therefore considerably reduces the degree and level of water absorption to increase the reaction time to clean and eliminate these contaminants even before a stain occurs.

For grout, sealing them regularly and on time will considerably reduce staining and buildup of grime, prevent and minimize the buildup of efflorescence, eliminate the formation of bacteria, and essentially extend the lifespan of your tiles. Of course it goes without saying, giving your grout professional sealing treatment will not only lower the risk of flaking and cracking your grout, maintaining it will definitely be easier.

Quickly Please Cleaning boasts of their specialised and proprietary methods and procedures for grout line sealing that ensure top-quality protection for your grout is achieved. Our team of sealing specialists at Quickly Please Cleaning are licensed and approved applicators of Aqua Mix® and Dry-Treat, two of Australia’s leading names in the building and construction industry.

Both Aqua Mix® and Dry-Treat that are carried by Quickly Please Cleaning are high-grade deep penetrating water-based sealers specially designed based on the latest in nanotechnology and fluoro-bond technology. The sealing process essentially induces the sealers to bond with the grout stronger than the traditional hydrogen or mechanical bonding films.

As opposed to regular sealers with reaction times in minutes, the premium-quality sealers from Quickly Please Cleaning produce reaction times measured in hours, ensuring the protection of your grout surfaces from an extensive range of contaminants, both oil and water based.

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