Glass Sealing and Coating Services

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Glass Sealing and Coating Services

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Improve the appearance and presentation of your property to add value to your home.

At Quickly Please Cleaning, we make time to fully understand our clients—their needs, their worries, and their goals. We value the same things that you do and make sure our targeted results are completely in line with your goals.

As such, we want you to spend more time doing the things that make you and your family happy. Life is too short to be spent and wasted on unnecessary cleaning those dull surfaces around the house, scrubbing those stubbornly dirty glass fences and screens, or polishing the kitchen floor that has lost its lustre.

Quickly Please Cleaning will not only protect those surfaces inside and outside your home, we will reduce your cleaning time and effort while at the same time make sure you get to enjoy beautiful-looking surfaces for longer. That should give you more than enough time to do things that you truly enjoy!

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Glass Pool Fencing Coating and Sealing

Quickly Please Cleaning provides an extensive selection of glass corrosion coating, sealing, and protection products. While they are equally diverse in their practical applications, Quickly Please Cleaning products for your glass surfaces are guaranteed to enhance the durability and total effectiveness of your pool fencing, shower screen, balustrades, and other glass architectural panes.

Glass surface coating, sealing, and protection products from Quickly Please Cleaning give your pool fencing, shower screen, balustrades, and other glass surfaces easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint properties that definitely adds value to your property and home investment.

Used by glass manufacturers and developers, these properties present in Quickly Please Cleaning glass coating solutions surely give them more opportunities to demand premium prices for their products and innovation and unmatched advantage in the marketplace.

Call us today and find out why 70 percent of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals. Quickly Please Cleaning takes pride in ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients with every project we take being completed to the best of our ability.

For details on the other services that we offer, please check out our comprehensive section on Cleaning and High-Pressure Cleaning Solutions.

Balustrade Glass Coating and Sealing

It’s no surprise that with all the elements that your balustrades are exposed to—water, rain, sun, grime, oil, dirt, and many others—your glass surfaces, walls, and fences are mostly like to show buildups over time that will sometime almost seem impossible to remove with traditional cleaning products.

Regardless where these glass barriers are positioned—at home, at the office, at restaurants and hotels, and other properties with outdoor spaces that need to be fenced—once stained, they always become an eyesore that can be unappealing and distracting.

When water evaporates on glass, the calcium and other minerals in the water can stick on your glass surface. With the harsh effect of the sun and without regular attention to cleaning your balustrades and glass surfaces, these mineral deposits will eventually become so difficult to remove. When left for longer periods of time, these stain buildups from the minerals will etch into the glass and eventually damage the glass.

Quickly Please Cleaning glass experts strongly suggest not ignoring this problem and risk completely losing your glass barriers. Book us now at Quickly Please Cleaning and avail of our easy-to-clean protective coatings to save you 90 percent cleaning time and keep your glass barricades and fences stain-free for the longest time.

Quickly Please Cleaning offers you heavy-duty cleaning and protecting solutions that are environmentally safe and effectively rids you of ugly watermarks and stains off from your glass barrier fence panels. Find out how at our Cleaning and High-Pressure Cleaning Solutions page.

Glass Window Coating and Sealing

You don’t have to look too far to know how glass windows have grown not only to be popular in modern-day buildings and construction but actually continued to be a constant element in today’s homes and commercial spaces.

Glass windows like any other glass walls and barriers in residential and commercial spaces always create a refreshing feeling of openness with the unobstructed views it provides. This allows for residents and tenants to get an enjoyable view of panoramic sceneries or breathtaking landscapes or seascapes outside.

Of course, as with any other investments you make, you would always want to protect your valuable windows and your other assets within your residence and around your property’s perimeters, ensuring that you keep them looking like the day they were installed.

The sealing and protection treatment solutions from Quickly Please Cleaning provides a permanent protective coating to your glass windows, pool fencing, or balustrades. Our glass specialists apply a one-time coating treatment to your glass window and that is all you need to do to have your glass surface looking brand-new from there on.

Give us a call today so you can discuss your options with our glass technicians and specialists. We at Quickly Please Cleaning will be happy to keep your glass windows looking brilliant, resistant to chipping and scratching, and easier to clean.

Most of our glass coating and protection applications at Quickly Please Cleaning come with a lifetime guarantee. Our Cleaning and High-Pressure Cleaning Solutions are equally effective and guarantee your total satisfaction just as they have provided our repeat clients.

Glass Sealing Frequently Asked Questions

Nanokote is one of the products in the family of easy-to-clean coatings for a variety of surfaces. There are different materials for different applications.
Nanokote creates an extremely stable, easy-to-clean surface, and is water, dirt and oil repelling. The highly UV-resistant materials can be used on glass, ceramics, and enamel. The coated surfaces are not slippery and do not appear oily.
Nanokote creates a surface that is easier to clean than an uncoated surface. It is not a coating that has never to be cleaned. In the manufacturer’s opinion, self-cleaning coatings still do not exist. Every coating has to be cleaned regularly. The only thing that can differ is the frequency of a regular cleaning. The word “self-cleaning” often raises expectations that can not be delivered.
The solvent-based material can be stored at temperatures between + 5 and + 30 °C for at least twelve months. The water-based systems in the same conditions at least six months.
No, there are no odours caused by the coatings.
Nanokote is stable against UV-radiation due to its specific ingredients. This was tested by accelerated weathering using special test equipment (UV radiation in combination with cyclic rain).
It is an easy-to-clean, not a never-to-clean coating. Regular cleaning with a mild cleaner is still necessary. Our current customers are indicating their cleaning times have been reduced by 90%. Use of aggressive cleaners is not necessary.
No, the surface will not be modified. There is no danger in slipping on horizontal surfaces and no problem when carrying coated glass in production.
No, the coating is extremely UV-stable und won’t change colour.

Not all the sealants will adhere on the coated surface. Coatings with a long lifetime use the same sticking mechanisms that the sealants normally use. As a consequence, a compromise between adhesion of the sealant and durability of the coating must be found.

The manufacturer has developed special systems that allow adhesion of special sealants. Do not hesitate to ask us at Quickly Please Cleaning for the coating material and the compatible sealants.

Fittings or stickers will adhere on the coated surface but the exact properties should be tested as the case arises.
No, because of the coatings’ small thickness, just a few nanometers (1 nm = 10-9 m) it is absolutely invisible for the human eye. Only the easy to clean effect by contact to water is visible.
Nanokote can be used for outdoor and indoor use. Nevertheless there are special products developed for different fields of application. Quickly Please Cleaning can advice you in using the optimal product for your application.
The surfaces have to be clean, silicon-free, and non-oleaginous. To prepare the surface, special cleaners are used e.g. Nanokote pre-cleaner.
Nanokote can be used on glass and ceramic surfaces. It is not useful to use the material on acid-irritable surfaces. Plastics-surfaces can get stress ruptures. For frosted glass surfaces special products have to be used.
Glass and ceramic surfaces won’t be damaged by Nanokote. It is not allowed to coat acid irritable materials.

The application of room-temperature-curing coating-systems can be performed on temperatures between + 5 and + 35 °C. It is possible to adapt the coating process and/or the material to higher temperatures.

Sure. Quickly Please Cleaning offers professional-kits. Trained staff are able to coat glass and ceramic surfaces on-site.
The coating-quality made with a consumer-kit can normally not reach the OEM-coating-quality because indoctrinated employees and optimised processes are necessary for a good coating quality.
No. Only the flaws will be rebuild. The result is a coating similar to the original one.
No. Simple cleaning of the partial coated surface is sufficient. Only the flaws will be rebuild.
Yes. Quickly Please Cleaning offers different coating-technologies and coating-equipment adapted to the specific amount.
Depending on what’s in your water, it may require a scrub with a specific Nanokote cleaner or equivalent. It left too long, the silica content in the water will bond to the Nanokote and glass surface making it difficult to remove. If failure to clean regularly as per our care instructions your warranty will be null and void.
Quickly Please Cleaning offers special maintenance cleaners that support a long lifetime of the coating. Glass manufacturers can order these cleaners from the distributor and sell them to their customers.
Usually standard mild or acetic-acid-based cleaners will suffice. We recommend not to use highly alkaline or abrasive cleaners as well as disinfecting cleaners.
There are many types of microfiber cloths available. While it is no problem to use some of them, others are very abrasive and can reduce the easy-to-clean effect when they are used for a longer period of time. As there is normally no need for highly abrasive cleaners, there is also no need for highly abrasive cloths.
The coating is evolved for high abrasion and high chemical stability. As there is normally no need for removing the coating, it is difficult to remove. If the coating has to be removed, the distributor offers a special material on request.

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