Slate Surface Cleaning Service

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Slate Surface Cleaning Service

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Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, slate is a very dense material that is soft and can get scratched easily. This foliated metamorphic rock is derived from shale and is composed mainly of quartz and mica.

Depending on its mineral content, slate is commonly found in its grey to black variations and the rock could be purple or red. The surface of this natural stone is generally uneven, where cleft planes can be seen flaked or spalled because of the cleaving of the stone on its layers.

This natural stone has a low to medium rate of absorption of oils and other liquids. As such, slate has to be sealed with a special sealer packed with oil-repellent properties to reduce soiling, prevent staining, and minimize the destructive effects of foot traffic.

Cleaning your home’s slate tiles can prove to be a challenging task. This could be due to the stone having a wide range of varieties and the fact that slate surfaces are generally sealed with topical water or other solvent-based sealing products.

Cleaning processes for slate floors or walls may vary depending on the slate variety that you have. Prior to the cleaning process, you should be able to identify the type of sealer products were used on the slate to ensure that the cleaning product you will be using will not cause any damage or discolouration on your natural stone.

Cleaning products based on alkaline are generally safe for your slate floor tiles, while acid-based cleaning products could potentially damage cause more harm than good on your slate tile surface.

Natural stone technicians and experts from the professional team at Quickly Please Cleaning are knowledgeable and experienced enough to know that if your slate tile appears to have a topical sealer, they will have to strip this off before any cleaning techniques can be applied. They also have to initially figure out the sealer or wax type that your slate tile floor was previously sealed with so they would know the right product or solution to use for stripping.

Talk to us today about your slate tiles cleaning and maintenance needs and we will be happy to discuss a great variety of options for you. Because of slates cleft planes and the strong possibility of spalling in this natural stone, many factors have to be considered when deciding to clean and protect and maintain your slate surfaces. Read more at our Protection – Sealers and Coating Solutions section for more information on protecting and maintaining your slate stone surfaces.

Our team of natural stone specialists from Quickly Please Cleaning are highly skilled and licensed to apply these proprietary cleaning and sealing solutions and guarantee your total satisfaction on every natural stone cleaning and sealing project they do for you.

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