Basalt Surface Cleaning Service

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Basalt Surface Cleaning Service

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Also known as bluestone, basalt is a popular extrusive igneous rock that has been formed from the fast cooling of basaltic lava very near or exposed at the surface of the planet. This naturally formed stone is defined by its texture and mineral content.

In some cases, physical descriptions of the natural stone without mineralogical context may be unreliable. Basalt is naturally grey to black in colour although it rapidly fades and weathers to rust red or brown brought about by oxidation of its iron-rich mineral content into rust. Technically, basalt is bluestone in Victoria, Australia, and in New Zealand.

The surface of basalt tiles and pavers have small holes on them naturally caused by the various gases escaping during the cooling process. This natural process is one of the amazing features that sets your basalt stone apart from its counterparts. Popularly used on internal flooring and on landscaping applications, basalt has one of the greatest features in that it is naturally resistant to slipping and scratching.

Cleaning your basalt floors and walls is relatively easy and actually self-explanatory. Like its other natural stone counterparts, basalt should be swept and vacuumed as regularly as possible, as your friendly natural stone experts from Quickly Please Cleaning will recommend. This helps prevent the buildup of dust and dirt that could eventually be hard to remove when allowed to stay over a prolonged period of time.

Because of the tiny holes on the surface of the basalt stone, acidic cleaners or any harsh solutions should be avoided at any cost when cleaning. Not only will these harmful chemicals and cleaning solutions etch or cause discolouration of your beautiful floors and walls, they can actually cause permanent damage to it. Soapy warm water or a neutral ph cleaner with a microfiber mop should be enough to do the trick.

Speak to a stone surface expert today. Call us at Quickly Please Cleaning and we can discuss your options for any of your basalt cleaning or sealing project at your most convenient time. For the Protection – Sealers and Coating Solutions for your basalt surfaces, we are happy to inform you that our professional team of natural stone technicians hold a humble experience on the industry.

Our team of natural stone specialists from Quickly Please Cleaning are highly skilled and licensed to apply these proprietary cleaning and sealing solutions and guarantee your total satisfaction on every natural stone cleaning and sealing project they do for you.

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