Pressure Cleaning: Why Your Driveway Needs High-Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning: Why Your Driveway Needs High-Pressure Cleaning

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Driveway cleaning is a tiresome task that requires some significant elbow grease as the types of stains and dirt that affect this area of your home are robust, to say the least. Not to mention the onslaught of weather conditions and foot traffic your driveway has to withstand. It’s no wonder why the task of cleaning it can be quite tricky, which is why driveway pressure cleaning is a must. 

As we all know, stains become harder to clean the longer you leave them, but there are two ways to ensure your driveway gets the proper maintenance, while also making the task easier:

  1. Use a high-pressure cleaning method
  2. Have a professional handle the task for you

This task that makes many a homeowner shudder, can be much simpler than you may think, especially if you have a little help. Let’s dive into how best to clean your driveway and the advantages of driveway pressure cleaning.


Preparation before cleaning

One of the most critical steps before you begin the driveway pressure cleaning process is sweeping.  Rocks, leaves, sticks and other debris can become harmful to your driveway or self when driveway pressure cleaning, plus they also create more of a mess during the process.

Depending on your surface, debris can cause damage, so be sure to clear it away properly beforehand and you will protect your asset while also minimising the amount of work you’ll need to do.

Finding the right cleaning solution

When it comes to cleaning solution options, the list seems near endless. One mistake you’ll want to avoid is thinking that water, even when used in driveway pressure cleaning, is an effective option by itself. It really isn’t. 

Your driveway, in particular, will often be dirtied up by oil which will need a specific cleaning product that eliminates grease. Water alone, no matter how high the pressure of which it is attacking the stain, will not suffice.

It is also very important that you find a solution that will not be harmful to the specific material of your driveway or the surrounding environment. In most cases, your driveway run-off will go into street drains and then the ocean so it is your responsibility to pick an environmentally-friendly chemical.

Above all, the right cleaning product will save you a significant amount of time during the cleaning process. Keep in mind that you will be required to mix your chosen cleaning product with water, so carefully follow any instructions on the bottle as this will lead to the best results.

The importance of a good rinse

Prior to any driveway pressure cleaning or application of a cleaning solution, it is vital that you first wet the surface. This action will help you obtain a deeper clean. Cover your area with water then scrub thoroughly with your cleaning solution before spraying with a high-pressure hose.

We recommend a grill brush for your scrubbing as it will be more effective in loosening up as much of the grime as possible. It will also be a much easier task if you allow your cleaning solution to sit on the surface and soak for approximately 30 minutes.

After all of this, it’s time for some driveway pressure cleaning, but before you shell out for some expensive pressure cleaning equipment, keep reading…

The benefits of a professional clean

We’ve already established that driveway cleaning is both time-consuming and tiring, but also essential to maintaining a stunning driveway that will not need to be replaced sooner than it should. When it comes to driveway pressure cleaning, the best way to protect your investment and yourself, is with a professional clean.

Sure, you’ll save some time during your weekend, but you will also avoid the costly investment and storage space needed for the equipment, which if used incorrectly can be extremely dangerous. 

Injuries of all kinds are a significant risk of driveway pressure cleaning, from the hours you’ll spend on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush, to the significant force of water that high-pressure equipment will produce, there is plenty that can go wrong.

A professional team like the one at Quickly Please Cleaning already has the right equipment, which is included in the price of your clean. Our driveway cleaning specialists will ensure that your clean is performed safely, including the handling and the proper removal of all cleaning chemicals.

Our team, in particular, puts a significant focus on environmentally friendly cleaning processes to guarantee that no harmful chemicals head out into the ocean or your neighbour’s gardens. 

Above all, a professional driveway pressure cleaning protects and ensures the optimal results of your asset. This is particularly important if you have a driveway that features polished or coloured concrete.

Looking after your driveway increases the value of your asset, a crucial point to consider particularly when selling. A clean driveway will boost your curb appeal, impress potential buyers and add value to your property. 

Let the experts handle your driveway pressure cleaning

Driveway pressure cleaning offers effective results regardless of what material makes up your surface. When it comes to driveway high-pressure cleaning, Sydney residents know to speak to the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning. Our price comes standard with the required equipment, knowledge and experience that results in a high-quality clean, every time.

We will ensure that any build-up of dirt or stains are a thing of the past, increasing the life expectancy of your driveway, and protecting your yard or property in the process. 

Tick a significant chore off your list, and rest easy knowing you’ll have the finest outcome possible. Call the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning and walk outside to a sparkling new driveway in no time at all.

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