Exterior House Cleaning: Importance and Benefits

Exterior House Cleaning: Importance and Benefits

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We spend a significant amount of time thinking about (and doing) the cleaning that needs to happen in our homes but often forget about exterior house cleaning such as driveway cleaning.

In most households, exterior house cleaning falls lower down the list of chores, which is interesting, considering it affects the first impression your home makes for your guests and the general public. When you think about it, far more people see the outside of your house than the inside!

Visual aesthetics aside, there are some significant maintenance benefits that exterior house cleaning also provides. The outside of your home is wholly exposed and must brave the gamut of weather variances throughout the year.

It is also very susceptible to things like mildew and rust, amongst many others. These are things that if left alone for too long, can cause significant damage.

The importance of cleaning the exterior of your house cannot be understated. It also doesn’t need to be something that adds to your chore list, as the best way to ensure the right, effective clean is with professional help. Quickly Please

Cleaning not only offers a broad spectrum of cleaning services for your home, but we are also experts when it comes to exterior house cleaning. Let’s have a look at some of the cleaning options for your home’s exterior and its benefits.

The effectiveness of high-pressure Washing

We recommend that all homeowners power wash the exterior of their investments at least twice a year to ensure they stay clean and free from harmful elements. Not all home exteriors are the same, which is why our trained team members will assess your home and provide a range of cleaning options.

Power cleaning with a high-pressure wash will really make your exterior shine. A quality professional cleaner will work from the top downwards in meter sections.

This ensures that no areas are missed and intricate parts like outcroppings, eves, and porch roofs are all included in the clean. This also allows for even cleaning, which is very important for the final visual of your home.

Cleaning the driveway

Of all the exterior locations in your home, the driveway cops the biggest beating. It receives a lot of foot traffic, and vehicles run over it, leaving grease stains that not only look unclean but are also very harmful to the materials that make up this section of your home.

Grease will slowly consume the upper layers of your driveway’s surface, which will diminish the look and be harder to clean over time. A professional cleaner with the right equipment will be able to get rid of these stains completely with solutions making your driveway look brand new again.

Performing this on a regular basis also means that the smaller spot cleans you perform at more frequent intervals will be much easier and quicker.

Being aware of rust

It is somewhat likely that there are some metal surfaces around the exterior of your home, which can be significantly damaged by rust. You may have ornamental fixtures or window screens, which, over time, will degrade if not cleaned and appropriately protected.

A professional cleaner will not only treat any rust problems you may have but also contaminate and exterminate the issue at the root to ensure it does not spread. If you have left it too long and are looking at a severe case of rust, it may be necessary to paint the affected area. For this, we strongly recommend rust-resistant paint.

To avoid reaching this dire stage, however, we recommend that you regularly check any metal surfaces in your home for signs of rust. This is particularly important during spring. The earlier you catch the rust, the less chance it has of spreading.

Windows you can see through

The most visible element of your exterior when it comes to seeing how dirty something is, are the windows. From fingerprints to dirt and grime, nothing is more apparent than a dirty piece of glass. Luckily, the power washing we discussed earlier can also be applied to your windows.

Along with good looks, quality window cleaning keeps the inside of your home clean as well. Windows are access points, and if left uncleaned, the build-up of dirt and grit on their outside can easily make its way in.

Professional window cleaning solutions maintain the health of your home and family while providing streak-free, squeaky clean windows on both the outside and inside that are a pleasure to look through. Some homeowners have their windows cleaned on a more regular basis as the impact it has on the overall clean aesthetic of your home is very noticeable.

Do you need high-quality exterior house cleaning?

Quickly Please Cleaning knows the importance of keeping the inside of your house clean. As you can see from the facts above, however, the same applies to its exterior. While it may not need to be performed as regularly, avoidance of exterior cleaning can be seriously detrimental to the health and appearance of your home if left by the wayside.

Hiring professionals at regular intervals will ensure that the heavy lifting of your exterior cleaning is taken care of, allowing you to run smaller spot cleans throughout the year to achieve a perfectly clean home. This will ensure that you maintain control over potential damage like rust and grease, preventing them from spreading and causing more havoc.

Speak to Quickly Please Cleaning about the best, most budget-friendly options for the exterior cleaning of your home, investment property, or even commercial locations. We offer an extensive range of cleaning products and services and have the experience to know which are best applied to your situation. Talk to us today and enjoy a brilliantly clean home, inside and out.

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