Why Should You Have Your Surfaces Professionally Pressure Cleaned

Why Should You Have Your Surfaces Professionally Pressure Cleaned

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House proud owners often conduct regular maintenance and cleaning of their property’s exterior surfaces. Many home owners often consider and attempt outdoor D-I-Y pressure cleaning solutions. However it is important to consider that there are certain precautions and dangers when undertaking D-I-Y cleaning tasks around the home.
Pressure Cleaning Precautions & Warnings

Water Restrictions
Failure to comply with the latest water restriction legislation may result in a financial penalty.
Operator must wear appropriate safety clothing and accessories to prevent the likelihood of injury.
Incorrect use and excessively high levels of pressure can damage your surface.
Professional Pressure Cleaning Services

There are also many benefits when consulting and hiring a professional and reputable company to conduct high pressure cleaning of your outdoor surfaces. Established cleaning businesses often use commercial grade equipment in conjunction with various cleaning agents to give your surface that immaculate like-new appearance.

Professional Cleaning Equipment
Rotary floor surface cleaners are a common cleaning accessory used to clean large surfaces areas; they provide a ‘streak free’ finish on a surface.

Licensed and Insured businesses are responsible for all damages, and are liable for any injury or damages incurred.

Water Exemption
Businesses can apply for a water exemption to allow the operation of cleaning equipment during periods of stringent water restrictions.

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs
Increased efficiency and reduced operation of commercial grade pressure cleaning equipment consumes less water, when compared to the efficiency of a domestic grade pressure cleaning machines. This difference in performance between the machines results in the reduced consumption of water which leads to a decreased household utility payment.

Tax Deduction
For business owners and commercial properties, pressure cleaning business premises is considered a business expense and can be used as a tax deduction.

Experience & Knowledge
There are many different outdoor hard surfaces, each are unique and contain different characteristics. In order to obtain a like-new appearance on each of the different surfaces the use and application of detergents or hazardous chemicals may be required.

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