Why Safety Is Paramount

Why Safety Is Paramount

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In a continuation of our very popular article, entitled ‘DIY Beginners Guide To Safety & Pressure Cleaning’ we have decided to continue and further explore the theme of user safety and operation of a high pressure water cleaner throughout this article.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the most common injuries that individuals sustain while high pressure cleaning their outdoor surfaces. Unfortunately, there are far too many of us, that simply underestimates the power and force of a high pressure cleaner. If used incorrectly, serious and even fatal injuries can occur. In all such cases, we always recommend that thoroughly read and abide by all of the manufactures guidelines and safety recommendations. You’re about to discover that incorrect use and lack of safety equipment when high pressure cleaning can lead to some serious injuries.

Some Commonly Sustained Injuries
• Abrasions, Contusions and Lacerations:
It appears that these types of injuries are the most commonly associated and frequently suffered injury of most individuals that use a pressure washer. To dramatically reduce of such injuries, please make use of safety items, such as enclosed shoes, pants and protective gloves.

• Skin Irritation and Allergic Reactions:
In many cases, most of the reaction and irritation of the skin can be accredited to incorrect use of hazardous chemicals and lack of adequate safety garments. In all cases regarding the use of chemicals we recommend that you read the associated Material Safety Data Sheet.

• Slip’s and Falls
Please don’t ever operate a high pressure cleaner whilst standing on a ladder. Unfortunately, people underestimate the power of their pressure washer, and proceed to climb ladders and attempt to clean a surface. It is very dangerous act and should never ever be done by anyone. An individual can easily lose their sense of balance and end up falling down the ladder to which the injuries are endless.

In conclusion, we’d like to stress the importance of safety. Please don’t underestimate the importance of safety measures – they may just save your life. If you’d like to contact our offices to organise your obligation free quote or simply acquire further information about the types of pressure cleaning services we offer, please call 0431 585 783

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