Cleaning Services: Why DIY Sandstone Cleaning Is a Bad Idea

Cleaning Services: Why DIY Sandstone Cleaning Is a Bad Idea

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It’s hard to go past the beautiful look of sandstone surfaces. This popular material is used across a range of homes and businesses because it is stunning and luxurious while also being quite sturdy, able to take on whatever is thrown at it. When it comes to sandstone cleaning, Sydney residents need a professional cleaner they can trust. 

Why? Because opting for the DIY option can not only be a waste of time if it does not provide a proper clean but can also be harmful to your space.

Maintaining a proper cleaning process for sandstone is vital to ensure the longevity of its look and effectiveness. Professional sandstone cleaning is the only way to preserve the natural beauty of your sandstone while making sure it gets the clean it needs.

The main harms of DIY sandstone cleaning

When it comes to sandstone cleaning, you require a process that goes beyond just cleaning. Sandstone requires constant restoration and preservation to maintain its look.

If you are not a professional cleaner, your DIY skills may lack the necessary knowledge of how best to restore and preserve your sandstone. This can lead to more harm being caused than good, not to mention significant added costs.

If you do not use the correct cleaning methods and products, you will likely degrade the surface of your sandstone, meaning the high price of replacement will arrive sooner than you were expecting.

A regular maintenance program from a specialist can help avoid this, saving you large sums of money in the future.

Quickly Please Cleaning always ensures the right cleaning products and equipment is used when it comes to natural stone cleaning to provide exceptional results. The DIY approach often neglects the steps in the process that will restore stones that are stained, bringing forward their expiry date.

Why you should consider a sandstone cleaning specialist

Natural stone looks beautiful but is susceptible to wear and tear, as well as stains and dirt build-up. People often use sandstone in high-traffic areas meaning they have easily stripped away and worn, which creates an unappealing visual.

Luckily, this damage can be avoided with regular cleaning that is performed correctly, which is where the hiring of a professional sandstone cleaner can provide some significant benefits.

A professional process will help prevent moisture damage while cleaning moss, algae, and acidic substances. 

If your sandstone has fallen victim to staining from liquids and oils, which are very easily absorbed by this kind of material, you may struggle to remove the stains and marks that sink in below the surface.

A professional cleaner that applies the correct techniques via the use of high-grade equipment that isn’t always available at your local Bunnings can ensure these issues are adequately removed.

There is something to be said about the experience

Why do we hire professionals? We are paying for their expertise and skills, and a level of in-depth knowledge that presumably exceeds your own. A task like sandstone cleaning, which requires the correct deep clean, isn’t something that we are taught at school!

As this level of cleaning presents some unique challenges, knowledge of the correct stone cleaning products, equipment to be used, and the process of using it is vital. Professional sandstone cleaners that are highly skilled, know which sealing solutions to use.

They also know how best to reach corners and edges, and a safe process for the environment around your area and the stone itself. It can be very easy to scratch the stone while cleaning or put in hours of work that lead to a low-quality finish.

Speaking of those many hours of work…

Let’s be honest; cleaning is never a fun chore. Imagine putting hours of your weekend aside to clean your sandstone, only to end up with a subpar clean or even worse, damaged material. 

Many of the Quickly Please Cleaning customers enjoy our efficiency, the fact that they are crossing a chore off their list without having to do anything and something many people forget to consider, reduced drying time.

After cleaning, people often forget they can’t access their area straight away; we can make that time significantly less.

Your time is valuable and should be taken into account as a cost-saving benefit when weighing up whether or not you opt for the help of a professional service as well.

Understanding the correct cleaning products for your stone

While hiring a professional saves you the considerable expense of buying high-quality cleaning products that you cannot simply find at a supermarket, it also ensures you do not use the wrong ones.

The primary goal should always be an in-depth clean that minimises the risk of damage while working to preserve your sandstone. 

A significant part of this is sealing. Sandstone is not usually sealed after installation, so it is at risk of absorbing liquid, grime, and oil straight away. Professional sealing creates an invisible barrier, protecting your investment immediately, a crucial step for any newly installed sandstone.

Avoid the DIY clean and find peace of mind with the professionals

Save yourself time and a significant amount of money in the long run by entrusting the restoration of your sandstone to a professional. Protecting your surfaces increases the value of your property, keeping the natural and individual finish of your sandstone looking its best.

Quickly Please Cleaning work hard to maintain the natural appeal of your stone by offering regular maintenance or one-off cleans, ensuring the durability and visual appeal of your materials. 

Speak to the team at Quickly Please Cleaning today and ensure your sandstone is cleaned and sealed correctly. Protect your investment today and contact us for a review of the situation, after which we’ll determine the best path forward for your needs and budget.

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