Useful Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Hints

Useful Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Hints

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The following posting will outline various hints, tips and tricks for all fields of cleaning. These hints, tips and tricks are a collection of knowledge acquired from all of our staff throughout our numerous years of experience within the exterior surface cleaning and high pressure cleaning industry.
Protective Coatings

A Common question many of our satisfied customers frequently ask our staff members is “now how can keep our surfaces looking this great all of the time.’’ We recommend to all of our customers to seal the surface. Sealing or protective coatings refers to the application of various chemicals which are applied to the surface after the area has been thoroughly pressure cleaned. Sealing is considered to be a maintenance safeguard, which provides a clear layer above the surface that acts to prevent stains and repel moisture. For further information please visit our website

Other Useful Tips To Keep Your Surface Cleaner Include:

A. Unblocked drainage is particularly important, and can dramatically assist in inhibiting the growth of moss, mould, lichen and weeds. Drains should be regularly cleaned including the removal of leafs to ensure excess water doesn’t collect on the surface.

B. The surface should be keep clear of leafs, bark or any other vegetative matter which may collect on the surface. To save time and minimise labour an electric or petrol leaf blower will work wonders and enable you to spend more time enjoying the things you love to do.

C. Weeds, don’t we just hate them. It is important that weeds are methodically and routinely sprayed. Products such as RoundUp or ZeroRapid can be purchased from local hardware outlets or gardening stores and are both very effective products. Please Note: Individuals should always firstly read the manufactures safety guidelines prior to commencement.
Carpet Cleaning

The following list below provides a number of common stains which unfortunately stain and affect all of our carpets from time to time. The posting will outline various techniques, detergents and chemicals which can be used to remove or reduce the appearance of the particular stain on the carpet.

i. Alcoholic Beverages
Sponge the area with lukewarm water, and then apply a mixture of white vinegar and water diluted equally. Finally complete the task by rinsing the area with lukewarm water.

ii. Chewing Gum
Use an ice-cube inside of a tea towel and apply it to the chewing gum, after allowing adequate time to pass attempt to scrape or rub off the chewing gum from the surface.

iii. Grass
Apply carpet cleaning detergent to the area followed by thoroughly rinsing and drying the carpet.

iv. Ink
Use a cloth or napkin to absorb excess ink from the surface and rinse the carpet with cold water. After rinsing the area use a new cloth to blot up excess ink using 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water.

v. Dirt & Mud
Allow the dirt or mud to entirely dry and then attempt to scrap of any excess traces. If any dirt or mud remains on the carpet following this procedure sponge the area with a mild cleaning detergent and cold water.

vi. Fruit & Vegetables
The affected area should be sponged with cool water, followed by a treatment of soap and water to the carpet.

vii. Mildew
If possible we always recommend that the area be treated as soon as possible. The affected areas should be wet using a mixture of shampoo and water. If any stains persist, use a hard brush to apply a mixture of ammonia and water.
High Pressure Cleaning

I’m sure we have all seen a pressure cleaner being used to clean pavers, paths, bricks or driveways. We know that all home handymen love the practicality of owning a pressure cleaner. Even if you don’t own a pressure cleaner I’m almost certain that you have experimented with one. Do you recall that amazing power and surge of water as you blasted years of away dirt, grime and scum. Well, at Quickly Please Cleaning Services we have designed this posting to help you; all of the home handymen, weekend warriors and DIY enthusiast.

The 3P’s Of Pressure Washing

1. Power (PSI)
Importantly don’t use excessively high levels of pressure to clean the desired surface.

2. Positioning
Users should always seek to manoeuvre their pressure lance in a slow, controlled and precise manner while cleaning.

3. Patience
A relaxed, controlled and methodical approach to your task will ensure that you experience perfection!
Lawn Maintenance

Does your lawn look a little under the weather, I’m sure that we could all agree that our lawns could do with little extra tender love and care over these next couple of months. Well, we are here to help you; our tips will bring your lawns back to a healthy green luscious state in no time.

The Do’s

Do regularly water, fertilise, aerate, and spray weeds from your lawn.
Do conduct regular maintenance and repairs of your lawn mower.
Do create a methodical routine and pattern to cut your lawn each week.

The Don’ts

Don’t cut your lawn to short; scalping your lawn only inhibits root growth.
Don’t forget the importance of mulching on a regular basis.
Don’t mow the lawn when the surface is extremely wet underfoot.
Gutter Cleaning

Now I know we all hate even the thought of cleaning our gutters, and I’m sure that your last DIY task involved countless hours of ladder climbing and re-positioning – not to mention all cleaning up you had to afterwards. Well to make your next cleaning project even quicker and easier we would like to highly recommend the purchase and use of the ‘Gutter Getter’ system. The ‘Gutter Getter’ system can be purchased from any of your leading hardware or local gardening stores and it will make your next project a breeze.

Would you rather prefer to have your gutters cleaned out for free? Then simply book any of our roof cleaning services and have your gutters cleared out for free.
Roof Maintenance

I’m sure all homeowners would agree that protecting your home from the harsh elements of nature is of particular importance to your health, well-being and quality of life. Unfortunately all of our roofs are susceptible to damage and subsequent deterioration. To help you protect your home, roof and property we have decided to write some very simple and effective procedures that you can use to protect your roof from damage.

Gutter Cleaning: To prevent any problems or damage to the structural support of your roof, it is particularly important that your gutters are cleared to prevent and reduce the chance of water damage.

High Pressure Cleaning: The removal of any harmful substrates (moss/algae), as they can damage and harm your tiles – this may leave your roof susceptible to leaks and or structural water damage.

Rust Treatment: Upon the detection of any rust an immediate treatment of bituminous sealant should be applied to the area to prevent any further deterioration.
Window Cleaning

Professional streak-free clean windows are for any modern day homeowner are a very desirable state of affairs. So, we have decided to compile a short-list of tips to help you obtain that desirable professional streak-free finishes on your windows.

Step 1: If you don’t already contain the following tools, please purchase these from your local hardware store or cleaning outlet.

Cleaning Equipment:
Microfiber Cloth
Sponge Or Professional Applicator
Window Cleaning Solution

Step 2: Prior to commencement remove any flyscreens, cobwebs and other debris from the area.

Step 3: Application of the window cleaning detergent to the entire surface using large sweeping circular motions.

Step 4: After allowing several minutes to pass, use your squeegee to remove the detergent and any of dirt from the window. Upon each successive window panel thoroughly dry your squeegee to dramatically improve your results.

Step 5: Complete the process by examining your windows for any streaks and if required dry the surface using the microfiber cloth.

Follow these easy to follow directions and your next project will be a breeze; and not to mention your windows will appear streak-free and clean.
Car Cleaning

Are you mad about cars, perhaps even a car enthusiast? Don’t we just all love that ‘feeling’ of a brand new clean car? In light of these issues we’ve decided to compile a short collection of hints, tips and tricks that are going to really leave your car looking spick and span.

Tip 1: Please don’t use any standard domestic clean agents you may have lying around the house, these may potentially damage your vehicles protective wax.

Tip 2: Simply and easily blast away any dirt or grime from your wheels and tyres by using a pressure cleaner.

Tip 3: Always attempt to avoid cleaning your vehicle after either extended periods of direct sunlight or immediately concluding driving.

Tip 4: Please ensure that you regularly and thoroughly rinse your chamois to ensure that any possibly debris doesn’t risk damaging your vehicle during the cleaning process.

Tip 5 Just as any cleaning task, employ a methodical and patient approach successfully washing panels individually rather than collectively.
Tennis Court Cleaning

Are you one of those very fortunate home owners that have a private tennis court on your property? Well despite being the envy of many other homeowners, were are sure that you’ve quickly begun to discover that your tennis court requires a lot of attention, care and maintenance. So for all of those lucky privately owned tennis court owners we’ve decided to provide you with a list of general guidelines that you should employ to help you spend less hours cleaning your court and more time rallying opponents.

either on a weekly or fortnightly basis remove any leaves or other foreign matter from the surface.
avoid additional debris from being entered on to the court by ensuring players clean their shoes prior to playing.
if you have a artificial grass surface ensure new sand is applied approximately every 12-18 months .
chemically treat and remove any traces of moss or mould that may grow on the court as soon as they start to appear.
under sever weather conditions a tarp should be placed over the court to act as a preventative safe guard.

Timber Deck Cleaning

Have you got a deck, which could do with some tender love and care over the next couple of months? If so, then we are sure that you’ll be glad you’ve found this article, as we have decided to help you achieve that professional appearance, that you so desperately desire your deck to look like.

Now, we are sure you’re, just as all of the staff at Quickly Please Cleaning are concerned about the environment. Well, when it comes to timber deck cleaning we’ve got some great news! Why don’t you ditch the harmful and hazardous deck cleaner for some powerful based oxygen based cleaning agents next time your clean your deck for a 100% environmentally friendly approach.

An oxygen based cleaning agent provides a powerful solution to remove all of that unsightly dirt, grime, mildew and mould from your deck and will leave your timber looking brand new! Simply apply the cleaning agent and use a medium-strength bristle brush to manually scrub the detergent into the surface. If you want to make to process even quicker, use your trusty pressure cleaner to wash and rinse all of the accumulated dirt and grime from the deck.
Graffiti Removal

If you’re unlucky enough, there’s often a great chance that your property has been subject to work of graffiti vandalism. To help you combat the war against graffiti vandalism, we’ve written a short and very easy to follow guide to help you successfully remove that graffiti from your home.

We have got some good news, if you need to remove graffiti. Many of Sydney’s local councils provide ‘FREE’ graffiti removal packs to their residents. So, be sure you contact your local council and check stock availability prior to making the trip. However, if for any reason your council is unable to help you, please do not be concerned because there is a great product called ‘Quick, Safe Toxic-Free Graffiti Remover’ that is available from your local hardware and is highly recommend by many of our staff.

However a note of caution, if you are unfamiliar or haven’t used a cleaning chemical before please do read all of the instructions as printed on the bottle. You may need to purchase cleaning rags and other safety material, such as gloves while you are at the hardware store.

If you’ve seen graffiti vandalism recently occur to a public please, please contact your local council as soon as you can. This way a representative can be organised to clean the graffiti for the benefit of all the residents local to the area.

Also, one last note we wish to discuss with you, please try to remove the paint as soon as you notice it on your outdoor surfaces because it greatly improves the overall chance of achieving a result that you’ll be proud of.
Driveway Cleaning & Stain Removal

It’s always the case, there’s always one small little unsightly stain on your driveway that simply drives you crazy – it’s amazing at just how quickly it can detract from the curb appeal of your property!

There is a plus side to all of this, we have decided to write a short list of easy to apply stain removers that you can use to clean your driveway – and best of all, these are all products that you probably already have lying around the home.

1.Coca Cola – simply pour the substance over the stain and leave the affected area overnight, then follow this by applying dishwashing detergent and water to the stain through the use of a broom.
2.Baking Soda – you can use a little bit of baking soda to absorb any stains you may have on your driveway.
3.Dishwashing Detergent – you’ll be amazed at just how easily dirt and grime are lifted from your driveway.

We hope that you make use of these simple driveway cleaning remedies, if you would like further advice about pressure cleaning or exterior house washing please contact us today 0431 585 783

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