Unlikely Areas You Can Clean Using a High Pressure Cleaner

Unlikely Areas You Can Clean Using a High Pressure Cleaner

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High pressure cleaners are incredibly resourceful. High pressure cleaning is useful in a number of residential, commercial and industrial sectors. In our article we describe a number of scenarios where you can use your pressure washer. Our article will demonstrate a number of diverse scenarios. Pressure washing is far more effective than a garden hose and provides 35 times the working pressure. Modern machines use less than 75% of the water your garden hose requires!

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What Can You Wash Using A Pressure Cleaner?

These are our top 5 unusual uses for a pressure washer. If there is an outdoor item we have not listed please leave a comment below. We love to hear back from our readers! We love hearing success stories and learning about uses we never imagined.

1. Your Outdoor Grill
– We recommend you visit your local cleaning supplier and purchase a heavy-duty kitchen degreaser. Follow the instructions listed on the product- ensure you purchase protective gloves. Before you apply the product disconnect your propane tank. Connect your water blaster to a hose, adjust the pressure to 1500 psi and begin blasting your grill! We guarantee you will be amazed by how clean your grill becomes.

2. Washing Your 4×4
– Have you returned from a weekend of four-wheel driving? Is your vehicle covered in a layer of sludge and dirt? A garden hose simply won’t wash away this amount of dirt, but a high pressure cleaner will! Do not use more than 1750 psi. Ensure you stand a significant distance from your car. Once you’ve cleaned your car you can use the pressure washer to clean the surrounding area.

3. Blasting Your Garbage Bins
– Does your council issued garbage bin smell? I’m sure we could all admit our bins could do with a quick clean. You can use your trusty water blaster to wash away dirt, grime and scum. Use a hospital-grade disinfectant to destroy germs and bacteria. Your bins will be left clean and smelling fresh!

4. Outdoor Timber Furniture
– Does your furniture look a little under the weather? High pressure cleaning can restore your furniture to its original glory. Visit your local hardware store and purchase a outdoor deck cleaner. Apply the product and carefully pressure wash the furniture. We advise you use less than 1500psi. Using more pressure may be quicker, however we can assure you will damage the furniture. Take your time and avoid rushing.

5. Your Letterbox
– High pressure cleaning can restore your letterbox instantly. It will blast away those nasty cob-webs! Our letter boxes are often overlooked. However your letterbox is more important than you think, without your letterbox your local pizza delivery company would be lost.

Jokes aside- high pressure cleaning is incredibly versatile. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne please contact us for a free quote! We provide high pressure cleaning and exterior house washing services to Sydney and Melbourne. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service at competitive rates. Quickly please cleaning services are the name Sydney and Melbourne look to for professional high pressure cleaning.

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