Cleaning Services: Top 5 Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning Services: Top 5 Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Tile flooring, grout, and other similar surfaces have a good level of durability and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. When sweeping and some mopping do not seem to be enough however, some people have the tendency to resort to more drastic cleaning methods that, sadly, can cause discolouration and a generally unappealing appearance of the surfaces.

And when done over a long period of time, these improper cleaning methods and the use of harsh cleaning solutions can eventually damage the tile and grout.

Here are some of the most common tile cleaning mistakes that you have to avoid:

  1. Incorrect mopping. The correct way to clean your tile flooring is by damp mopping and using clean water while mopping. The most common tile cleaning mistake people make is wet mopping their tile floors instead of simply damp mopping. Dirty water seeping into the porous surface of the tile and grout causes an unwanted buildup of moisture that will eventually cause a series of other problems for your flooring and grout.
  2. Use of colored tile cleaners. You should stay away from using colored cleaners for your tiles when cleaning them. Obviously, with your tile having a certain level of porosity (especially for those tiles that are unglazed), it will be able to absorb the dye from your colored cleaning agent.
  3. Use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Bleach, muriatic acid and other harsh chemicals should be avoided for your routine care and cleaning of your tile, grout, and surface. Other than being serious health hazards, spills or splashes from these chemicals can damage appliances or other fixtures in the surrounding area. Not only that, cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals can bring about premature deterioration of the tile and grout and eventual damage when done for longer periods.
  4. Use of abrasive materials. As much as we want to eliminate harming our tile flooring and grout, we should avoid using metal scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning our tile floors as they can cause staining, scratching, and ultimately ruin the glossy finish of our ceramic or porcelain tiles. This includes the use of other abrasive tools and cleaning agents.
  5. Use of cleaners based in oil and wax. While wax and other wax-based cleaning products provide some temporary protection for your tiles against odors and stains, they pose more harm than good to your valuable flooring investment. Used long term, they may actually cause too many problems and have you worry about increased maintenance costs.

Wax should be continuously stripped and applied again; and when not done properly and enough, buildup occurs, causing unsightly yellow stains that will attract more dirt, oil, and grime. On the other hand, oil-based cleaners, likewise pose too many problems, increasing risks of fall and slip incidents within your home.

Sealing your delicate tile flooring, walls, or surfaces can be quite tricky for the average homeowner. Unless you are knowledgeable and experienced about tile cleaning and sealing, you should stay away from DIY-ing these things to eliminate any risks of having stained and slippery tiles or worse, flaking, peeling, and destroying our own tiles at home.

Avoid committing the above mistakes and you can be sure your tile floors will be clean and safe and won’t need those costly maintenance costs for the long years you’ll have to enjoy it.

For any problems you may have with your tile floors and surfaces however, we at Quickly Please Cleaning are just a phone call away. You may check our website for more information on our comprehensive list of services available for your surface cleaning, sealing, and protecting needs.