The Truth About Terracotta & Concrete Roof Tiles

The Truth About Terracotta & Concrete Roof Tiles

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If you’re a property developer or just building your own home, we hope you have decided to choose the most durable option that there is available to weather-proof your property; of course were talking about roof tiles. Our posting will initially explore some of the advantages of choosing tiles over various other roofing materials, discuss the advantages and of terracotta and concrete tiles and conclude by explaining the importance of outsourcing professional roof cleaning services.

Today’s manufactures offer a 50year warranty of your tiles compared to an average of 30years for others types of materials and are a major reason why many professional contractors recommend either terracotta or concrete tiles to property owners. If you enjoy a quiet night of sleep, rest assured that when you choose roof tiles you’ve chosen the most effective barrier to blocking out external noise.
Terracotta Roof Tiles

Today’s modern terracotta roof tiles provide homeowners with a cost-effective solution because of their durable ability to withstand the toughest of Australian weather conditions. Terracotta roof tiles are made from an all natural kiln fired clay (preserves the color of the tile) and are available in both a glazed and non-glazed finish, and offer a modern flat appearance that are available in a wide range of colors.
Concrete Roof Tiles

In comparison to today’s modern terracotta roof tiles, cement tiles are slightly heavier and overall larger. While concrete roof tiles are on average approximately 25% – 30% cheaper then terracotta tiles and are available greater scope of colors and design a major detracting feature of the tiles includes their susceptibility to dramatic color loss and saturation. – often caused by harmful UV radiation and a range of atmospheric pollutants, to overcome such circumstances the surfaces require to be re-painted every 5 – 7 years to maintain their original color and condition.

In conclusion, regardless of the type of material you choose, the surface will be required to regularly cleaned, repaired and maintained by a professional contractor. There are numerous risks, hazards and vulnerability to the weekend warrior or DIY enthusiast who undertakes the task of some quick home improvement by attempting to clean, repair and maintain their roof. Any unsafe practices, cleaning or repairing methods can place the individual at extreme risk of injury or death. We highly advise that all individual’s outsource any of their projects to professional contractors.

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