The Importance of Sealing Outdoor Tiles

The Importance of Sealing Outdoor Tiles

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We know that you want your tiles to maintain their modern, stylish look for as long as possible. The key to achieving this goes beyond just regular cleaning, and into the process of tile sealing. For the finest tile sealing services in Sydney, you call the experts and Quickly Please Cleaning who have detailed some tile sealing need-to-know info here in this helpful article.

Tiles are porous, and sealing helps to prevent and reduce staining, so your tiles look they’re very best for as long as possible. High-quality tile sealing protects against chemicals, deterioration, and contamination while reducing any damage from stains.

Read on to learn a little bit more about what is involved, and why it is important.

Tile Sealing: The best way to protect your tiles

Tile Sealing is the best option when it comes to protecting a varied range of tiles, indoor and outdoor. With impregnating penetrating sealers, a solution is applied to the porous natural stone surface of your tiles to prevent staining while simplifying the process of cleaning.

Choosing the correct sealer is imperative, and as there are so many on the market, it is best to have a professional assess which is right for you. Choosing the incorrect product will render it useless as the right amount of protection for your tiles will not be provided.

The right sealer will alter the natural absorbency of your tiles while also increasing their visual aesthetic and lifespan.

Help with sealing your tiles

Quickly Please Cleaning can offer a high-quality tile coating and sealing service at competitive prices to not only save you the time of an in-depth DIY task but ensure the correct sealer and process. This is the optimal way to make sure you have the right level of protection.

As one of the most used surfaces in your home, it is important to protect your tiles from heavy foot traffic, pollutants, the sun, and more. With the Quickly Please Cleaning sealing service, your indoor and outdoor tiles will see:

  • An increased longevity
  • An “as-new” appearance
  • Simpler cleaning
  • Decreased cracking
  • Protection from garden chemicals and oil
  • Reduced mould

Many homeowners forget about the risk of oxidation caused by the sun, which can make your tiles shift and crack, reducing the lifespan of your flooring. A sealant will help minimise the effects of this.

Professional vs. DIY

When caring for the flooring elements of your home, it makes sense that you would look for a cost-effective solution. For this reason, many people think the best path forward when it comes to sealing their tiles is a DIY process.

Tile Sealing is one job; however, that if performed incorrectly, is a waste of time and money, and may even cause more damage than it prevents. Working with different kinds of sealants and their various application methods is always best left to a professional to ensure the optimal outcome. You also receive the added benefit of saving yourself some free time!

The cost of professional tile sealing pales in comparison to the cost of having to replace tiles due to deterioration. The longer you can stave this off, the better, and sealing is your best defence.

Tile Sealer options

Penetrating sealers

Penetration sealers are used when sealing large areas. They contain specialty resins that work beneath the surface to limit the effect of water and oil-based contaminants. They are also environmentally friendly and allow the natural stone to breath, protecting the surface without affecting its finish.

Topical sealers

Topical sealers create a high gloss finish that is more reflective and glossier as more coats are added. This cost-effective option helps prevent corrosion, surface damage and staining.

Solvent sealants

Solvent sealants are similar to penetrative sealants but form a deeper bond and use stronger chemicals. These are suitable for low porosity surfaces such as porcelain and are a very effective repellent for water-based contaminants.

As you can see, there are a few options when it comes to choosing the right sealants. Engaging a professional cleaning and sealing service is the best way to ensure the right advice based on your unique circumstance.

Considering sealant aftercare

Once your tile surface is cleaned and sealed, it is important to maintain regular cleaning and maintenance to guarantee your new or restored surface offers the right level of protection and longevity.

This can include spot cleans, such as sweeping or vacuuming the surface to ensure there is no heavy build-up of dirt and dust, and the occasional mop or wipe with a basic soap and water mix. We also recommend a six-monthly (minimum) deep clean performed by a professional to ensure there is no staining or other issues that will degrade your tile.

Engage the finest tile sealing services to apply your sealant

If you are ready to give your tiles the care they deserve, speak to the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning today. We will ensure the successful application of the sealant via a high-quality and proven process that we have been performing for many years.

Our team makes sure the proper cleaning of the tile is performed before any sealant is applied. We have all of the right tools and machinery to not only provide the right application but also ensure the proper care is given to the surrounding areas of your home.

We will also make sure the correct sealant is chosen and safely applied. It is vital that the sealant does not come into contact with the skin or eyes, which is another reason why avoiding the DIY method is much safer.

All sealants have varying handling instructions and preparation requirements; our team is fully trained to ensure the safest process possible. Speak to our team today, guarantee the safety of yourself and your family, and take care of your tiles and your investment.

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