The Importance Of Protective Coatings and Sealing Your Outdoor Surfaces

The Importance Of Protective Coatings and Sealing Your Outdoor Surfaces

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Protective coatings and outdoor sealers are very important procedures which can improve the condition and appearance of any surface. Sealing protects your surfaces from water, moisture, abrasive chemicals and the outdoor seasonal weather elements.

Sealers and protective coatings should only ever be applied to a surface after thoroughly having the area pressure cleaned. It is very important to ensure that the area is completely and correctly cleaned by a professional pressure cleaning company.
The benefits of utilising outdoor hard surface sealing include:

Prevents Deterioration– Can prevent premature colour fading and surface deterioration.
Protection– Prevent moisture from entering cracks and causing movement and further problems from underneath the cemented slabs.
Maintenance and Cleaning– Provides a guard against dirt and grime from becoming embedded deep within the surface. This improves the efficiency when pressure cleaning the surface next time.
Prevents Staining–Reduces the likelihood of oil staining the surface, which improves and greatly assist the chance of successfully cleaning and removing any chemicals stains from the area.
Improves Appearance– Decorative high gloss and colour stains can transform the appearance of any driveway or entrance area.
Inhibits and Prevents Weeds Growing– Reduces and repeals water from forming moist environments which accelerate the growth of weeds between bricks.

When sealing driveways which contain a natural slope or gradient, sealing can often cause the surface to become slippery after periods of heavy rainfall. For such scenarios anti slip coatings are highly recommended, as they can minimise the chance of individuals falling and causing severe injury.

Sealing is often highly recommended for stencilcrete driveways, pebblecrete, outdoor tiles and timber decks. All of these surfaces are extremely susceptible to outdoor elements. Sealer application is a professional service which involves specialised and specific equipment that ensures that the coating is evenly applied to the surface. Individuals attempting a D-I-Y task should always follow and adhere to manufactures guidelines and safety precautions.

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