The Importance Of Programmed Maintenance and Strata Cleaning

The Importance Of Programmed Maintenance and Strata Cleaning

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The exterior cleanliness and appearance of your property can say oodles about you and your company. Strata property managers should never underestimate the importance of exterior maintenance, building façade cleaning and pressure washing. The practice of hiring professional high pressure cleaning contractors to undertake regular maintenance is a cost-effective measure.

A well devised and meticulous strata cleaning schedule not only ensure the appearance of you property is maintained, but it provides tenant with total peace of mind. We believe a maintained and clean building shows to your tenants that the property managers are committed to the upkeep of building. It shows that you, the manager can facilitate to the tenants requirements.

There are many other fringe benefits to regularly high pressure cleaning your building. We all know a property that presents with high curb appeal and cleanliness can benefit the landlord through increased rental returns, probability of obtaining tenants, the buildings value and possibility of selling.

To illustrate our point, we’ll use the example of graffiti removal. We are all aware of the negative conations of graffiti vandalism. Imagined if your property was covered in graffiti, how would you rate your chances of acquiring a new tenant. Compare that to a building that is clean, and free of graffiti. You have to admit, we have a point. A building free of graffiti is as simply as calling a pressure cleaning company to remove it from your building.

As our article illustrates, there are a number of benefits to be gained from scheduling a professional team of high pressure cleaning experts to undertake the maintenance of your building. High pressure cleaning is a fast and very effective way to maintain and upkeep your building.

While we believe there are numerous benefits we would also like to caution you. As a property manager you need to ensure that you are only dealing with insured and licensed companies. If you are a property manager or a member of a strata committee, there is some good news. There are companies, such as ‘Trades Monitor’ that undertake all of the manual checks to ensure the company are adequately insured and licensed. These companies can determine if a particular contractor contains the relevant public liability insurances, workers compensation, licences and if their employees comply with occupation health and safety regulations. Over the last couple of year these services are rapidly becoming popular with many managers in the industry.

If you are a property managers in Sydney or Melbourne and require a reputable company to maintain your property, please call now on 0431 585 783. We provide a range of services including high pressure cleaning, graffiti removal, line marking and building façade cleaning. We service hundreds of property managers in Sydney and Melbourne. We deliver a fast, friendly service at competitive rates.

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