The Cleaning and Removal Of Stains

The Cleaning and Removal Of Stains

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Stains! Don’t you hate when you stain your driveway, carpet or clothes. The formation of stains on an outdoor surface is very frustrating. Stains are difficult to remove, unsightly and detract from your properties appeal. In the following article we talk about the types of stains which we commonly encounter on a daily basis. We provide a list of cleaning tips and advice on how to remove these difficult stains on outdoor surfaces.

Stains can be a undesirable permanent feature of an outdoor surface. We recommend a strategy of fast response times to clean the substance before a stain occurs.
Common Stains We Encounter Include :

Motor Oil
Efflorescence (Salt)
Chewing Gum

These stains require different cleaning procedures. In many cases these substances require hazardous chemicals. We recommend you apply extreme caution if you have not previously used these chemicals. In many cases we don’t recommend diy stain removal. Incorrect chemical use will cause permanent damage to your surface. Individuals should always read and ensure compliance with manufacture guidelines and abide by the outlined safety precautions.

For oil stains we recommend degreasers. Efflorescence can be removed through the use of acids. Mould in many cases can be treated through the use of bleach or chlorine. Mortar splatter or smears require hydrochloric acid. Chewing gum requires specialized solvents and high pressure steam cleaning. Steam helps dissolve the gum and wash away the underlying stain. Paint removal requires paint strippers or graffiti removers.

In many cases these chemicals are combined with high pressure cleaning. High pressure cleaning can help break down and remove the desired stain from the surface. We recommend high pressure steam cleaning for stain removal. We have years of experience in difficult to remove stains. We have removed a number of stains from a range of surfaces. There’s no job to tough for us!

We provide high pressure cleaning services to Sydney and Melbourne. We have helped remove 100’s of stains for home and business owners. We love a challenge. Please contact us for your obligation free quote. For more information on our services please visit our website:

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