Cleaning Services: The Best Option for Quality Tennis Court Cleaning

Cleaning Services: The Best Option for Quality Tennis Court Cleaning

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When it comes to the proper maintenance of your tennis court, it is somewhat similar to the idea behind taking care of your vehicle. If correct tennis court cleaning is ignored for long periods of time, it can reduce the life expectancy of your court, just like with your car. 

Maintenance that is avoided or left for too long can damage the surface of your court, not only affecting how you play on it but also being costly to repair. A good tennis court is two-fold, how it looks, and how it plays.

The process for cleaning a hard court is best left to professional cleaners like Quickly Please Cleaning, to ensure the correct clean is performed. Let’s look at some of the issues and solutions for your tennis court.

Potential issues for your tennis court

With the proper tennis court cleaning equipment, a court that has regular maintenance should last you at least ten years. Regular maintenance not only increases the life expectancy of your court but makes this stunning investment sit with the visual appearance that will impress all who see it.

Tennis courts are not only given heavy wear and tear when they are played on but are also susceptible to the issues that face standard outdoor areas such as dirt build-up, weeds, mould, and other problems. This area, just like any other outdoor area, must be cleaned and prepared to take on the elements of weather and excessive foot traffic.

There is also a range of other factors that can cause the early onset of deterioration for your tennis court including;

  • The quality of the base and construction joints
  • Tree roots working their way under the surface
  • Natural movement in the ground which can cause cracking
  • The quality of the surface installation 
  • Inadequate draining around the court

The best tips for professional court cleaning and maintenance

If you want to ensure that your tennis court is always looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must. A professional cleaning team has the right tennis court cleaning equipment and knows the correct process, amounts of chemicals (and which ones) are required to adequately clean, but not damage the surface.

If you couple a regular professional tennis court service with a few self-performed cleaning tasks in between services, you will ensure a magnificent looking and playing tennis court all year round. These can include: 

  • Ensuring leaves and debris are kept off the court to reduce staining, Looking out for mould growth which can cause slippages 
  • Removing fine debris and filaments
  • Using a leaf blower 

Synthetic grass tennis court cleaning

If you have a synthetic grass court, regular maintenance can be even more beneficial, as it should last 15 to 20 years. Without regular maintenance, however, it can deteriorate, requiring replacement in as little as eight years.

Some reasons for this early onset of deterioration can include:

  • The quality of the synthetic grass
  • Tree roots growing under the tennis court surface
  • Incorrect servicing techniques such as water blasting 
  • The quality of the base and installation works
  • Inadequate draining around the court

The key to making sure you get the best out of your synthetic grass tennis court by keeping it in excellent condition is once again, regular maintenance from a professional who uses specialised machinery, chemicals, and processes.

Effective cleaning of artificial grass courts should not cause any damage to the fibres. This is why it is imperative that the correct machinery and techniques are used when maintaining your synthetic grass court to the highest standard.

Servicing your tennis court every 6 to 12 months is the best way to get the maximum time for the life of the court. It also helps to install the correct sand at the right level and use quick and easy in-between service processes. It is also a good idea to quickly repair any joins and tears as they appear and ensure that no matter what, you never pressure wash your Synthetic Grass tennis courts.

Pressure Washing a Tennis Court

We strongly advise against using a home-style DIY high-pressure water cleaner to clean your synthetic grass tennis as it will:

  • Cause significant damage to the fibres 
  • Break open the joins in the mat
  • Remove the sand causing the fibres to fall over 
  • Destroy any adhesive that sits beneath the mat

There have been many synthetic grass courts that have been destroyed by high-pressure water blasting, and while in some cases they have been resurrected, this is a costly process. This is a classic case of someone looking to go the DIY route to save money, only then having to spend more on repairs down the track by having surfaces replaced.

Sand level on a grass court

To determine if your court sits at the correct sand level, check that the sand sits just below the tips of the fibres. Sand should be approximately 1-2mm below the fibre tip as this allows an even ball bounce while making sure the sand does not wear down the tips of the fibre during play.

The Quickly Please Cleaning process

For the effective maintenance of your hard or synthetic grass court, speak to the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning. Our staff not only have, but know how to operate the machinery accurately to produce the correct results.

Our process works in the top third of the synthetic grass surface, removing any build-up of mould or algae to increase the life expectancy of the mat. We work carefully to ensure the quality of the sand between the fibres is maintained to prevent deterioration of the mat.

Call the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning today for a high-quality tennis court clean that will also prevent potential dangerous slip hazards and allow for even play. Maximum enjoyment of your court and a stunning look is easy to achieve when you enlist the professionals for help. Call us now.

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