The Benefits Of High-Pressure Cleaning To Your Driveway

The Benefits Of High-Pressure Cleaning To Your Driveway

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You have spent a lot of time, money and effort getting your concrete or exposed aggregate driveway in tip-top condition, so why not make sure you look after it properly with high-pressure cleaning. 

Your driveway will be the first thing you see when you arrive home at night and when you leave your house in the morning.

Throughout the years, your driveway will take a heavy pounding from vehicles, tyre track marks, oil spills and whatever else the elements want to throw at it.

How does a cleaning method like high-pressure cleaning help your driveway bounce back to its original condition? Before exploring the benefits, let’s take a look at what high-pressure cleaning is.


What is high-pressure washing? 

High-pressure cleaning or washing is the process used to remove mud, grime, dust, loose paint, mould, chewing gum and dirt from a surface.

Quickly Please Cleaning has the latest quality cleaning machines and highly skilled experts who will leave your driveway surfaces squeaky clean and safe for everyday use.

Our methods work wonders on any surface, whether it be concrete, asphalt, decorative brick or decomposed granite.

Now for the slew of benefits that pressure cleaning provides for driveway cleaning.


An all-inclusive process

The best and most popular way to remove dirt and debris from your driveway’s surface is by pressure washing it. 

There are different surfaces of driveways that require different pressure levels for cleansing. Some materials can bear high pressure while others can’t. Pressure cleaning machines are designed in a way so that users can control the pressure, speed and volume of water depending on the surface thickness, amount of dirt deposition and stain resistance.


Saves time and effort

When it comes to house and garden maintenance this must be close to the top of the list. After all, are time and effort not the most precious commodities of today? With pressure cleaning, a high-pressure burst of water drives debris and dirt out across the concrete’s surface. It can cover a large area in a small time period. That’s what we want to hear. 

And let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours on your hands and knees with a bucket of water and scrubbing brush, trying to remove mould and dirt from your driveway.

Not only will you end up with a sore back and knees, but you will never achieve the same depth of cleaning that a high-pressure hose can. As our name implies, Quickly Please Cleaning uses up to date equipment that can pressure wash your driveway in no time, leaving it looking brand-new.



Cleaning and washing your driveway regularly increases its life and prevents unwanted moss from growing on the surface. Detergents and potent chemicals are not only expensive but have the potential to weaken the surface.

Regular pressure washing, on the other hand, slowly reduces the stains and guards against unwelcome green moss. Did you know that if you don’t keep your driveway clean it allows algae, mould, moss and mildew to set roots on your driveway?

And then not only will your driveway require a deep cleanse, but it will need repairs too. Pressure washers do an exceptional job of cleaning every pore of the surface, so there is no chance of mould and mildew growing on your driveway.



It comes as no surprise that uneven and cracked surfaces are fall and trip hazards. Grime and mildew on your driveway will cause people to slip especially when the surface is wet.

Humidity and rain facilitate the growth of mould and mildew, which reduces the friction of a driveway’s rough surface.

Rough surfaces are far better than polished surfaces for people’s safety. At the end of the day, pressure washing helps driveways retain their original consistency.


Protects your driveway’s integrity

Acidic grime, algae and mould will erode your driveway’s surface over time. Regular pressure cleaning will prevent resulting pitting and cracks and ultimately save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


Environmentally friendly

The liquid solutions used during high-pressure cleaning can be eco-friendly, or you could just go with hot water. Any dirt and debris that comes loose can be brushed off into collection drains without contaminating anything. If it drains off into the garden area you know that water is not going to damage your plantings.

More often than not, you will not need any liquid solutions when you use a pressure cleaner. The power of the pressure cleaner is so strong it normally does the job without a hint of chemicals.


No damage to the concrete surface

Concrete surfaces are resilient and hardwearing. It does not take much to restore them to their natural charm. However, while an abrasive cleaner might damage the surface a reputable detergent wouldn’t. And especially if you have coloured or polished concrete, high-pressure washing is the way to go.


Boosts curb appeal

When it comes to showcasing your home, especially if you intend to sell, make sure your driveway looks its best and it will add value to your home. If potential buyers drive up and see a dirty, unkempt driveway they are going to have an instant negative image of your home. But give them a beautiful, clean driveway and that is the first impression they will have.


Results are like new

When you apply a pressure washer to your driveway you can help make it look brand new. When you notice that your grimy and dirty driveway has clearly seen better days, do not automatically assume that a replacement or other drastic actions are necessary. The solution could be as easy as cleaning it with a water pressure washer.


When is the best time to have your driveway power washed?

You can power wash your driveway any time of the year. Most homeowners like to have it done during warm weather when stains and moss are most obvious and when undesirable greenery likes to grow in the driveway’s crevices.

 But avoiding moss and oil stains can lead to permanent damage. That is why having your driveway pressure cleaned on a regular basis is good protective upkeep.


Why should you hire a professional to do your power washing?

In the long run, hiring a professional to do your power washing removes the owner’s risk of an accident. High-Pressure cleaning can be risky if in the hands of an amateur.

Plus, if you have no experience using a high-pressure cleaner you risk damaging your property and potentially injuring yourself. 

A professional power washing service like Quickly Please Cleaning can save you hundreds in equipment costs. Our expert technicians know the fine line between debris and damage to your property and we have the appropriate equipment best suited to your given area.

We know what pressure to use and how much water is needed. And we take special care of your landscaping, car and any other possessions on your property.

When we have completed the task, your driveway will be good as new and guarded against growing mould and moss.

Does your driveway need some desperate attention? If so, Quickly Please Cleaning is here to help you. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment for your driveway cleaning.

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