Sandstone Cleaning – Uniquely designed and crafted sandstone monuments

Sandstone Cleaning – Uniquely designed and crafted sandstone monuments

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Uniquely designed and crafted sandstone monuments are often a proud focal point for any home owner. Sandstone consists of distinctive colours which offer a unique appeal to any home. It is an extremely versatile building material and is often used to construct homes, feature walls, outdoor stairs, columns and statues. Sandstone is a natural forming rock which is composed of many minute minerals such as quartz and feldspar.

The formation of minerals which form sandstone means that is of an extremely porous nature. This means it has a greater absorption rate of moisture into the surface. The stones moist surface provides an ideal environment which promotes and encourages the growth of mould, moss and algae on the top layer. This is often a very common problem for many home owners, as they find that this growth tarnishes the appearance of the stone as well as becoming a safety hazard for users as the surface is often slippery when wet.

Traditional sandstone cleaning methods involved the use of hazardous acid cleaning chemicals that would kill and eliminate mould, moss and algae from the surface. This cleaning method has now been replaced as high concentrations of acid can erode and prematurely deteriorate the stones surface. The recent and latest cleaning method for cleaning sandstone is high pressure steam cleaning. High pressure steam cleaning is effective alternative to hazardous chemicals and harsh abrasives.

High pressure steam cleaning combines the powerful cleaning agent of steam and pressure to clean and remove mould, moss and algae from the surface. Steam is able to vaporise and melt away any substrates on surface restoring the distinctive colours and patterns of the stone. Sandstone cleaning and maintenance is very important and can prevent mould spores from deteriorating and eroding the surface.

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