Sandstone Cleaning: The Advantages of Steam

Sandstone Cleaning: The Advantages of Steam

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In the following article, we outline a new method for sandstone cleaning, super-heated steam. We discuss the benefits of super-heated steam and outline why we believe it is a superior choice for sandstone cleaning.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, composed of minerals and other compacted granules. Traditionally, sandstone is a popular building material. It provides a truly unique look to any area. If you are a homeowner and have sandstone at your property we are sure you have discovered that sandstone requires significant upkeep.

Sandstone Cleaning

Sandstone is a beautiful natural stone product. It is composed of compacted grains of sand, quartz, calcite, iron and other materials. The texture is granular, and varies in colour from natural tan, yellow, to red and white. Sandstone is the second most abundant sedimentary rocks on earth.

Sandstone is formed through the consolidation of clay sediments. The material is popular in the building industry, and versatile in indoor and outdoor applications. The product is sourced from quarries in numerous countries around the world. The material is porous and requires constant cleaning.

Sandstone Cleaning with super-heated steam

We believe an effective way to clean sandstone is through the use of super-heated steam. There are alternate methods such as high pressure water cleaning and soda blasting. If incorrectly techniques are used these methods can damage sandstone.

Abrasive forces will provide a clean appearance to sandstone; however it will cause irreparable damage to the surface. In such cases the surface will need to be replaced. We believe a more effective procedure to clean sandstone is through the use of super-heated steam.

Advantage of super-heated steam

The advantage of super-heated steam is the cleaning power of steam. It is the best natural cleaning agent available. It eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals and harsh abrasives. Super-heated steam can remove dirt, grime and stains caused by algae, mould, lichen and black spots.

The procedure uses water temperatures in excess of 100 °C (Steam) – this eliminates the need for excessive pressure or force when cleaning. The procedure greatly reduces the risk of causing damaging to the surface.

The cleaning power of steam is amazing, it reacts with bio-degrade cleaning agents to reduce the need of hazardous cleaning chemicals.

The incorrect use of chemicals can cause damage to your surface, yourself, and the environment. Using steam is the best choice for sandstone cleaning.

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How To Maintain Clean Sandstone

Moisture is a driving factor is deterioration and surface erosion. Water and other water soluble contaminants can be rapidly absorbed to initiate the process of deterioration. Moisture and other environmental conditions favour the growth of algae, bacteria and black spots.

There are two choices to prevent these problems and maintain the appearance of sandstone. To control the growth of fungal contaminants, such as algae an anti-fungal treatment can be applied to the surface.

The treatment is a cost-effective solution that not only maintains the aesthetics of your property, but improves the safety of your surfaces by controlling/limiting the growth of algae, bacteria and moss for a limited period of time.

While, a more permanent solution can be found when applying a premium grade penetrating sealer. The sealer provides a maintenance safeguard by providing stain protection, and water repellent features whilst remaining breathable.

The sealer protects, enhances and maintains the surface by preventing water absorption to control for algae, bacteria and moss growth and surface deterioration and erosion. The product provides a natural finish (clear), contains a salt barrier (ideal for salt pools) and can last up to 10 years.

Sandstone Cleaning in Sydney

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