Safety Recommendations For High Pressure Cleaning

Safety Recommendations For High Pressure Cleaning

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There’s’ no doubt high pressure cleaning is an excellent way to blast clean your outdoor surfaces. In today’s posting we aren’t’ have decided to talk about the importance of user safety and how to prevent injury whilst high pressure cleaning. A high pressure cleaner is a very powerful device and can cause severe injury. In our article we talk about the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other measures you can employ to keep you safe.

There are a number of hazards involved in high pressure cleaning. You can protect yourself, warn other and prevent injury. These are our top safety tips:
1) Protecting Yourself

We highly recommend you use PPE. We cannot stress the importance of wearing the PPE. We have witnessed numerous people not wearing the correct safety precautions. PPE will prevent severe injuries from occurring. We highly recommend you protect yourself by wearing protective clothing which covers your body. Items such as a rain jacket are highly recommended. Please don’t’ high pressure clean a surface barefoot. Always wear the appropriate footwear, try to purchase non-slip footwear. If you are working near a road we recommend you wear high visibility clothing. If you are high pressure cleaning on a warm sunny day we recommend you wear sunblock. Please ensure you wear your ear muffs. There is no benefit if they are left on your work bench. We recommend you wear gloves and a face shield. Shrapnel can very easily get into your eyes if you are not careful. Wearing gloves when high pressure cleaning is particularly important when using harsh chemicals. If you are working in an enclosed area use some sort of respiratory protection.
2) Warn Others By Using Signage or Caution Tape

Inform the public and passer byers you are performing high pressure cleaning. Don’t’ leave it to chance. People are curious and their curiosity can lead them to inquire what the racquet is. These scenarios can quickly become very serious. High pressure cleaning generates a large volume of waste water. A surface quickly becomes very slippery when water, dirt and sludge is running over it.
3) Clear The Area And Remove Items Before You Pressure Clean

High pressure cleaning generates a powerful spray. When pressure cleaning you generate powerful winds which can very easily swish items from the ground into the air. These items become dangerous projectiles. Before your begin high pressure cleaning please clear the area and prevent items from becoming projectiles.

We also advocate the correct use of your high pressure cleaning equipment. Never point the pressure lance at another individual. Don’t’ pressure clean your animals or another human being.

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