Roof Cleaning & Your Water Tanks

Roof Cleaning & Your Water Tanks

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Australia’s water is considered to be by many experts, one of our most valuable resources. There have been growing concerns about developing and managing alternate ways to dramatically reduce our rate of water consumption. Many local, state and federal governments are offering various Home Saver Rebates and are encouraging homeowners to use products that reduce our dependency on the city’s main supply of water.

Roof cleaningThese various schemes, each unique to the many states and territories of Australia include rainwater tank, hot water system and dual flush toilet rebates. It has been estimated that households throughout all of New South Wales (NSW) will save an estimated 46 billion liters of water due to these various schemes. Upon the conclusion of the recent NSW rainwater tank rebate, we have decided to write the following article to outline several benefits of having your roof’s professionally cleaned after the installation of your newly purchased water tank.

Rainwater captured from your roof offers today’s modern home owner a very valuable and cost-effective solution to washing your car, watering your garden and under the provision of a clean and functional water catchment system it is considered safe for human consumption. Weather you have recently installed your water tank or have owned one for many years; we hope you will find the following article helpful. We would like to discuss and explore several different ways you can reduce the chance of collecting contaminated rain-water. Importantly these simple but effective procedures we have listed also act to improve to the life-span of your tanks associated pumps and filters.

Ways To Reduce Contamination

All gutters and surrounding downpipes should be cleared of leaves and any other debris.
Importantly any roof catchments areas should be pressure cleaned to remove any traces of lichen, dirt and mould from the surface.
Any available water inlets to the tank should be covered with some type of mesh or netting to eliminate the chance for any insects or birds from entering.
The water tank itself should be thoroughly examined for any signs of sludge and bacterial growth.

Too conclude our article we would like to discuss why professional roof cleaning services can offer you with total peace of mind. We have already stated that the quality of the captured rain water is largely dependent on condition and overall cleanliness of your roof and the associated capture areas of rain water. When you outsource your next home improvement or roof cleaning task not only will the chosen contractor wash the surface to remove any lichen, dirt and mould but examine the condition of your ridge capping – this can help to protect and weather-proof your home from the harsh outdoor elements, while also clearing your gutters of any leaves or debris.

We hope that you can see why the experience and expertise of a roof cleaningor restoration contractor not only serve the purpose of making your roof and entire property aesthetically look better but offer you with total piece of mind.

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