Cleaning Services: Restaurant Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Services: Restaurant Floor Cleaning

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Are you a restaurant owner or manager searching for a fast, safe and cost-effective way to clean your restaurant floors? Do you find that no matter how many hours of back breaking labor you spend using a broom and bucket that you floors are still not clean?

In today’s article we’ll briefly discuss an alternative to traditional cleaning methods and examine a technologically advanced cleaning procedures for cleaning restaurant floors. Wouldn’t it be if you could use the cleaning power of a high pressure washer inside of your restaurant?

There may be some of thinking well that would be great, but what do you do about all of the water?. We’d like to introduce to you the ‘clean and capture’ system. It combines the cleaning the power of a pressure washer and a very powerful vacuum water recovery system to clean internal and restaurant floors.

The ‘clean and capture’ systems operates to effortlessly wash restaurant floors and simultaneously recover all of waste water during the clean process. The best part of all is that there is absolutely no risk of waste water collecting inside of your premises. These systems are ideal for cleaning all hard surfaces, especially restaurant floors.

To deliver an immaculate appearance, the clean and captures systems can combine with a hot water boiler to provide the user with the additional cleaning power of steam. Steam is a particularly powerful natural cleaning agent. It easily cut’s through tough stains to leave your surfaces sparkling clean.

Another great benefit of steam is that it removes the requirement for the use of hazardous chemicals. You won’t need to worry about the smell of various chemicals affecting your patrons for days after you’ve had the floors cleaned.

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager and want to enquire about our pressure cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us on 0431 585 783. Don’t risk you surface becoming a safety hazard for your staff or patrons. If you would like to learn more about our services, please visit our website:

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