Removing Oil Stains from Your Concrete Driveway

Removing Oil Stains from Your Concrete Driveway

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There’s nothing more unsightly than an oil stain in a concrete driveway. Annoyingly, they always tend to be everyone will notice them; right in the middle of the driveway! An unsightly motor oil stain greatly detracts from your properties curb appeal. They greatly reduce the appearance to the entrance of your home. We understand your frustration at Quickly Please Cleaning Services (QPCS). In this article we discuss oil stains, procedures to best remove them and advantages of hot water (steam) over traditional pressure cleaners.
Oil stains: why are they so difficult to remove?

Firstly, concrete is a very porous surface. This means, any substance such as oil penetrate the surface remarkably quickly – this is what causes the appearance of the dark unsightly stain. Secondly, a major reason why oil stains are difficult to remove is because homeowners rarely apply a protective coating such as a sealer on their concrete. These coatings can be considered as guardians or sentinels of concrete. Their job is to prevent staining by minimizing the absorbent/porous nature of concrete. Rather than penetrating the concrete, the oil remains in a liquid state. And yes, you guessed it! It’s much easier to clean.
It’s best to act quickly!

If you have notice a car has begun to leak oil on your driveway, we highly recommend you act then and there! The best way to remove a oil stain is to act quickly. Early detection and cleaning of motor oil on your driveway is the best preventative measure to stop oil stains, as early detection minimizes the amount of which penetrates and stains your concrete. Take it from our experience, an oil stain which has been on a concrete driveway for a number of years is extremely difficult to remove. In these cases professional cleaning applications, such as high pressure steam cleaning will only reduce the appearance of the oil stain from your driveway.
Ways to remove oil stains

To remove an oil stain you will need a high quality degreaser to help penetrate the concrete and break down the oil as its extracted from the concrete. To achieve optimum results when using these products we recommend you read and follow the manufactures directions and safety guidelines. And you wear the appropriate safety clothing. In many cases these chemicals are potentially very dangerous and can be harmful should you have direct contact.

In addition to a high quality degreaser you could use any of the following equipment: pressure washer (Gerni), a power scrubber or a industrial high pressure steam cleaner. In order to achieve the best results we recommend high pressure steam cleaning. High pressure steam cleaning is the latest technology in exterior cleaning and pressure washing. High pressure steam cleaning uses the powerful cleaning agent of steam to extract, melt and vaporize oil stains from concrete surfaces. In fact its such a powerful cleaning agent it dramatically reduces the requirement for chemicals. The environmentally friendly nature of high pressure steam cleaning has quickly become a highly desirable feature because it is a response to growing environmental concerns. If you’re looking for a green way to clean, we recommend you chose steam!

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