Removing Moss, Algae and Mould From Your Outdoor Surfaces

Removing Moss, Algae and Mould From Your Outdoor Surfaces

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During the cold and wet weather months of winter; moss, mould and algae can rapidly grow on any outdoor hard surface. This growth often diminishes the look and appearance of any outdoor setting. As well as this the moss can also cause the surface to become dangerously slippery after periods of rainfall.

Mould, algae and moss often grow in the cooler months of winter and autumn. These seasons provide optimum growing conditions as there are often low levels of natural sunlight and high levels of moisture. Moss, mould and algae should be quickly cleaned and removed from the surface to prevent the substrates from permanently staining the surface.

There are many cleaning products that can be utilised to remove algae, moss and mould from the surface. Majority of the outdoor cleaning products which can be purchased from a local hardware or gardening stores often require the simple application of diluting and spraying the chemical on to the dirty surface. However certain chemical applications can require up to several days or week before seeing any results on the surface. For excessive mould and moss growth on a surface sometimes the surface will require multiple chemical applications. Chemical applications are often hazardous and are potentially very dangerous to living beings or the environment.

There is an outdoor cleaning technique which can obtain immediate like new results on any hard surface. High pressure cleaning is highly recommended for immediate and instant results for removing and cleaning moss, mould and algae.

High pressure cleaning is a common technique used to clean various outdoor hard surfaces. Pressure cleaning involves specifically designed machines which pump and propel water at an increased speed and force which is used to remove substrates from the surface to instantly provide a like new appearance.

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