Reasons Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Your Sandstone Cleaning

Reasons Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Your Sandstone Cleaning

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We completely understand the appeal of Sandstone surfaces in your home or business; they look striking and elegant while also being robust. There are plenty of reasons why people turn to natural stone and the many different designs and styles; it has been used for centuries after all!

Considering this, it is crucial to maintain proper cleaning for this durable and high-quality material to maintain its modern look. Professional sandstone cleaning works to keep the natural beauty of your sandstone while ensuring it gives you the longevity it is capable of.

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Why you should avoid DIY sandstone cleaning

Professional Sandstone cleaning is a highly specialised service that involves more than just cleaning. It can also help with restoration, but most importantly, preservation.

Handling your cleaning with a DIY method will likely mean the necessary knowledge and skills to restore and preserve your sandstone will not be involved in the process. You may actually cause more harm than good.

It is vital that the correct cleaning methods and supplies are maintained so as not to degrade the surface. It is for this reason that we often recommend a regular maintenance program to ensure you get the best and longest time period out of your sandstone.

Specialists, like the ones at Quickly Please Cleaning, have years of training and experience and will ensure that the right cleaning products and equipment are used, along with a safe and precise cleaning method. A high quality and experienced natural stone cleaning company will not only get you the most exceptional results possible, but they will also restore stones that may be stained, which is one issue that can be commonly associated with sandstone.

The benefits of hiring a sandstone cleaning specialist

While we all love the look of natural stone, we need to be conscious of wear, tear, and dirt. More than likely your sandstone is in high-traffic areas which will strip stone surfaces of their aesthetic, degrading their look and creating a worn and unappealing visual.

A great way to avoid this damage is regular and correct cleaning. It will help you to prevent moisture while cleaning moss, algae, or any acidic substances that can quickly ruin the stone. Liquids and oils can be a particular issue as they are absorbed rapidly, creating stains, and unwanted marks below the surface. This is yet another reason why the correct techniques and equipment are necessary to have them properly removed.

The experience of a professional

One of the main reasons why you should hire a professional for any task is their in-depth knowledge and experience that you would assume exceeds your own. When it comes to sandstone cleaning, the process of a correct deep clean is not common knowledge, but for a specialist, it is an everyday occurrence. 

The unique challenges of cleaning sandstone make access to the correct stone cleaning products, equipment, expertise, and knowledge imperative. Having the right equipment is one thing, knowing how to use it another. Professional sandstone cleaners are highly skilled with the equipment and sealing solutions and the know-how to reach hard to clean corners and edges. The last thing that you want to do is scratch the stone while cleaning or end up with anything less than a high-quality finish.

Save time with a professional

Cleaning is never a chore that you want to do yourself, so along with the benefit of quality; you also save yourself time. The task itself will also be handled a lot faster when a professional is behind the wheel. There is a reason why we are called Quickly Please Cleaning as we are efficient and use particular methods that will reduce drying time so you can access your area much sooner.

Many people forget to think about their time when calculating the cost of a particular activity, like cleaning. If paying a professional can save you time that could be spent working or doing something of value, this should be considered as part of the overall cost-saving and benefit.

Cleaning products access and knowledge

High-quality cleaning products for stone are expensive, and our team uses the latest industry-standard sandstone cleaning products that you cannot simply find at a supermarket. The use of these high-quality products provides an in-depth clean while also minimising the risk of further damage. One of the main advantages of hiring a specialist is the advice they can offer on how to best preserve your sandstone. 

A very important element in the cleaning process that can often be overlooked is sealing. Your sandstone was likely left unsealed after installation, meaning it is even easier to absorb liquid, grime, oil, and more. Professional cleaning specialists can also provide sealing with some of the most advanced sealers available on the market. Proper sealing helps to create an invisible barrier that will prevent permanent damage from occurring, protecting your investment.

Ensure you get longevity out of your sandstone

The restoration of your sandstone surfaces not only increases the value of your property, but it also ensures you get the most extended timeframe possible before needing to undergo the enormous expense of replacement.

The natural and unique finish of sandstone has the ability to last a very long time while maintaining its natural appeal, but regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to maintain durability. The expense of professional sandstone cleaning is much cheaper than replacing all of your floorings. The money you save in the long run is well worth it.


Quickly Please Cleaning can ensure that your sandstone is cleaned and sealed correctly, protecting your investment and making it look new again. Feel free to contact us about your situation, and we’ll look at how to refresh your sandstone in no time at all.