Reaching New Heights In Exterior Building Washing

Reaching New Heights In Exterior Building Washing

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The industry of exterior building washing and high pressure cleaning continue to evolve. The industry continues to develop new products, a range of cleaning equipment and new ways to reach higher heights! Building façade cleaning is an exciting industry. Cleaning at heights is a demanding job and can be intimidated to your average tradesperson. In the following article we discuss all aspects of high pressure cleaning and building washing. We discuss recent developments which have had a huge impact on exterior cleaning.


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A popular trend in the industry is the use of pure water cleaning systems. These systems filtrate tap water to remove minerals and other extracts. The massive advantage of the system is there is no need for rinsing or squeezing afterwards. There are no streaks from water marks left. The surfaces dries clean with no streaks! The pure water systems are great for window cleaning on high rise buildings. These systems can be combined to extensions water brooms and high pressure lances. We believe these systems will have a very big impact in years to come. These machines have the potential to dramatically reduce the time required to wash building facades. These savings can be passed on to you the customer.

Recently, elevated working platforms have recognised a demand for machines which are smaller, more compact and can squeeze through narrow spaces. The spider lift is an amazing machine. It reaches new heights for elevated working platforms. The machine is very versatile and is only 80cm wide. The machine is designed to go anywhere. Building washing projects are becoming easier and easier to complete because of these machines.

To conclude our article we wish to discuss building washing detergents. These products continue to amaze us! They continue to become more and more environmentally friendly. These products remain just as effective as there acid-based counter parts. We have begun to notice as companies refine their production the prices of these products continue to drop. We have a close relationship with our chemical suppliers and are proud to support their research to protecting our environment. We have a strong affinity towards the Australian environment. We are very glad to see building washing products being developed with consider the environment.

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