Professional Pressure Cleaning Equipment – Rotary Floor Surface Cleaner

Professional Pressure Cleaning Equipment – Rotary Floor Surface Cleaner

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Are you a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning? Well, we here at quickly please cleaning services share the same burden – we love that clean feeling. Today’s article is for the true cleaning fanatic! We discuss the equipment a professional high pressure cleaning contractor operates. The article discusses the ‘whirl-a-way’ surface cleaner. It is an excellent accessory and a ‘must-have’ for any true cleaning fanatic.
What Is A ‘Whirl-A-Way’ Surface Cleaner?

All professional high pressure cleaning contractors probably have multiple whirl-a-ways. The device increases cleaning speed by up to 80% and dramatically reduces water usage. The ‘whirl-a-way’ provides an easy way to clean floors. The device consists of 2 or 3 high pressure nozzles which spin. These nozzles are held inside a 8’ 16’, 20’ or 30’ disc. The device consists of a ‘rotating arm’ which holds the pressure nozzles. This ‘arm’ spins in a circular motion to clean a perfect circle in the surface. The operator simply holds the provided handles and simply maneuvers the device around the surface. The device is bound by maneuverable wheels or a nylon brush – this enables the operator to easily maneuver the device.

Rotary floor surface cleaners are designed to reduce and eliminate the possibility of streaks when pressure cleaning a surface. Rotary floor surface cleaners always maintain the same distance between the surface and the nozzles exerting the pressurized water. This even distance being maintained is why they provide a uniform ‘’streak-free’’ clean appearance. Obviously, the larger the whirl-a-way the greater the area you clean. However, these require higher powered machines producing greater volumes of water and pressure.

Whirl-a-way cleaners provide a deeper finish while also reducing overhead costs by minimising petrol, water usage and water overspray. If you a DIY enthusiast and love to ‘have a go’ you should buy a whirl-a-way. Your next high pressure cleaning task will be completed in half the time.

Well, while we have done our very best to describe a whirl-a-way, there’s nothing quite like a demonstration. To view a high pressure cleaning demonstration please click the following link:

What did you think? They are pretty awesome aren’t they! It gets better, because you can accessorize the device just like you can purchase rims for your car. You can purchase a water broom or a specialized chewing gum removal attachment to add on the side.

If you don’t have the time to carry out your own exterior cleaning and pressure washing, please contact us on 0431 585 783. We service all of Sydney and Melbourne. We have trained our technicians in the correct operation of a whirl-a-way. Visit our website for more information at or you can also join us at Google+

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