Preventing Your Outdoor Surfaces From Becoming Dangerously Slippery

Preventing Your Outdoor Surfaces From Becoming Dangerously Slippery

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It’s a very common issue that we have all encountered from time to time, and have always wanted to do something about before someone got severely injured – of course we are talking about a dangerously slippery outdoor pathway or driveway.

If you’ve got a dangerously slippery pathway, driveway or outdoor surface and have always wondered what you could do about it – than we know that you’ll be glad that you found our article. In today’s daily edition of our blog, our article is going to discuss two helpful strategies that you can put in place in order to help make your outdoor surfaces a much safer place.
High Pressure Cleaning

You’ll be surprised at just how much safer your surface is going to be after you’ve professionally had the surface high pressure cleaned. We recommend that you pressure clean your surfaces on a regular basis because it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to remove dirt, grime, moss and mould – all of which contribute to your surface being so dangerously slippery. If you have a long pathway, or very large driveway, we recommend that you contact your local high pressure cleaning company to complete the project for you.
Anti-Slip Solutions

There are a range of anti-slip solutions available, such as adhesive tapes, chemical treatments and flooring’s. Over the years we have found that these treatments are by far the most effective. The chemical treatment acts to increase the traction of your outdoor surface and prevents you from easily falling over. There are many anti-slip chemical coatings available – in general most of them achieve a safer floor by microscopically etching into the top layer of the surface. In addition to these chemical coatings there are other treatments that you can apply such as a range of adhesives tapes and various epoxy coatings.

For total piece of mind we always recommend that you have the surface professionally high pressure cleaned, and have a anti-slip and sealer applied to surface. By adding a sealer to the surface, you are not only protecting your surface, but you are inhibiting the growth of any mould, moss and algae.

Have you got a slippery outdoor surface? Would you like enquire about our anti-slip solutions? If so, please visit our website or call us directly to organise your obligation free quote. 0431 585 783

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