Pressure Cleaning Terminology and Acronyms

Pressure Cleaning Terminology and Acronyms

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There is a lot of specific abbreviations and terminology that is commonly used in the industry. This article will outline some of the main jargon frequently referred to when talking about pressure cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning – It can also be referred to as pressure washing, hydro cleaning, water blasting or power washing. However all of these terms relate to the same thing.

Low Pressure Cleaning – This is a technique that is commonly used for exterior building cleaning or domestic house washing. This technique doesn’t damage the surface and is ideal for cleaning painted surfaces. It utilises detergents and or chemicals to remove and clean substrates for the surface.

Tri Mode Machine Output Capabilities – These machines are able to exert and output pressurized water at a range of water temperatures from cold, hot or steam. These machines allow users to select an appropriate water temperature which is suitable to clean the substrate form the surface.

Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) – Refers to the amount of pressure that is exerted by a machine on a square inch of the surface. Domestic high pressure cleaning often requires PSI greater then 3000, where as low pressure cleaning often only utilises 300 PSI to clean the surface.

Litres Per Minute (LPM) – Refers to the amount of water in litres that is exerted by the machine in one minute. A greater flow of water often results in a much quicker and efficient method of outdoor hard surface cleaning.

Cleaning Units (CU) – This is calculated by multiplying PSI and LPM. This figure is often calculated as it can provide a generalised rating of the machine.

Horse Power (HP) – This refers to the power of the motor which rotates and turns the pistons inside of the pressure pump. Generally the greater the horse power the greater the pressure the machine can produce.

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