Pressure Cleaning Safety & Essential Precautions

Pressure Cleaning Safety & Essential Precautions

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Nothing cleans better than a high pressure cleaner. High pressure cleaning is the preferred technique for cleaning outdoor surfaces. In light of the popularity of diy we have decided to write a short article about operator safety and high pressure cleaning. In the article you will find a collection of helpful safety tips.

High pressure cleaning can effectively and efficiently restore driveways, pathways, concrete, roof tiles and so much more. Incorrect use of pressure cleaning equipment can cause severe injury to the user or permanent damage to the surface. to reduce the probability of injury we highly recommend you follow these safety tips. These procedures will dramatically reduce the chance of injury.

Operators of high pressure cleaning equipment should always:
Protective eyewear – when pressure cleaning a surface there is always the possibility that debris or particles can projectile towards the user. Safety glasses or goggles will prevent fragments from causing serious injury to the eyes of the user.

Steel cap shoes or rubber boots – the increased force and velocity of water exerted by the machine can pierce through skin and damage underlying muscles and body tissues. Safety shoes should also have anti-slip rubber soles.

Gloves – these are particularly important when using hazardous chemicals to clean a surface. Gloves prevent the chemical from coming into contact and damaging epithelial tissues.

Water resistant clothing – wet weather clothing prevents underlying clothes from becoming wet due to the excess water spray. This is particularly important for maintaining and regulating body temperatures and enhances user safety.

Hearing protection – regular exposure to commercial machinery can cause serious hearing impairments or deafness. The correct grade of hearing protection should always been worn when the machine is in operation.

We commonly encounter homeowner’s high pressure cleaning barefoot. We can’t stress the importance of wearing steel cap shoes. A number of these safety items can be purchased from your local hardware store. These are items are well worth the investment and will prevent serious injury. If you are about to commence high pressure cleaning for the first time please read the owner’s manual. The manual outlines a number of helpful tips, safety recommendations and maintenance schedules.

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