Pressure Cleaning of Outdoor Pool Areas and Surrounding Surfaces

Pressure Cleaning of Outdoor Pool Areas and Surrounding Surfaces

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Its summer! We love spending time outdoors, playing backyard cricket and swimming in the pool. We love outdoor entertaining and spending an evening around an outdoor bbq. Outdoor entertaining areas are a proud focal point for any homeowner. In the following article we discuss high pressure cleaning around your pool area. We discuss the problems associated with traditional pressure washers and ways to avoid such problems.

Just like any outdoor hard surface surrounding pool areas are also susceptible to becoming dirty and will require regular pressure cleaning. The number one complaint people have when high pressure cleaning around their home is waste water run-off. If you are high pressure cleaning you can’t control where the waste water run-offs. Commonly, the waste water drains into your pool. The problem with this all of the dirt and grime on your surfaces ends up in your pool. The worst part is you need to spend additional time cleaning your pool afterwards. The waste water run-off creates an unsafe swimming pool which may take several days to be cleaned.

These problems can be easily overcome by using a high pressure clean and capture system. The clean and capture vacuum recovers approximately 98% of water discharged by the pressure cleaning machine. Waste water will not run in your pool and you won’t have to spend hours cleaning your pool afterwards. These vacuums are very strong and proven to be very popular in commercial applications – such as factory floors and warehouses. These premises often do not have drains.

There has been recent development of these clean and capture machines to recycle the water. The water is captured and recycled for immediate re-use in the process. These machines have completely redefined the high pressure cleaning industry. Needless to say, they have become popular among pool owners.

If you need high pressure cleaning services please call us on 0431 585 783. We service Sydney and Melbourne and provide free quotes! If required we can provide water recovery options.

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