Pressure Cleaning – A Versatile Solution For Any Maintenance Application

Pressure Cleaning – A Versatile Solution For Any Maintenance Application

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High pressure cleaning is a powerful, fast and effective way to clean outdoor surfaces. High pressure cleaning is a versatile solution for outdoor cleaning and can be adapted to handle a range of residential and commercial situations. High pressure cleaning removes dirt, grime, sludge and stains to restore and refresh your home. In our article we outline a number of different scenarios where you can use a high pressure cleaner.

Recently, equipment manufacturers have redesigned high pressure cleaners to become even more versatile.
You can conduct high pressure cleaning in the following areas:

– Remote Areas Without Water
– Heights
– Indoor Areas
– Internal Floors

High pressure cleaning can be conducted in remote areas such as mines or work sites. These areas present a number of difficulties as there is no taps to provide water. There are industrial machines which are trailer mounted and have a 1000l water tank. The machine can operate at full capacity for several hours. These machines are commonly referred to as self-contained (you don’t have to rely on external source of water or power). No matter where you need a high pressure cleaner these self-contained machines can handle to toughest of jobs!

Heights no longer presents challenges to high pressure cleaning contractors. Amazingly, there is no need for ladders or expensive elevated working platforms. Extendable high pressure lances have radically changed the industry. These lances can effortlessly wash building facades up to 7.3 meters above ground level. The extendable lance provides a safe and effective way to wash homes or buildings from the ground. There is no need to risk climbing ladders or maneuvering tricky elevated working platforms.

High pressure cleaning can now be taken in wash confined indoor areas. There are machines are electric, don’t require fuel or emit harmful co2 emissions. These machines have restricted noise output. There are a number of specialized accessories which are smaller and designed to be operated in small confined areas.

Internal floors present a number of difficulties for pressure cleaning contractors. There are no drains in these areas – which means the waste water has nowhere to go. To overcome the problem high pressure cleaners have been combined with a wet vacuum. The solution is very powerful and operates in a cleaning synergy.

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