Preparing Your Property For Sale

Preparing Your Property For Sale

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So you have decided to sell your property, weather your downsizing or simply need more room for all of the kids or grand kids we know that all property vendors are seeking to maximize the value of their property and achieve the highest possible price for their home. Selling your property can be a very stressful time. Numerous vendors spend allot of time determining if they should sell their property through auction or private treaty, acquiring multiple valuations and comparing real estate agents. These are all very important decisions which require much consideration; however the thought of your home’s interior and exterior property appearance and presentation are often overlooked.

I’m sure we have all seen or heard of various real estate television programs such as ‘Selling House’s Australia’ or Channel Nine’s ‘The Block’. These programs highlight just how important it is to enhance the appearance and presentation of your property to ensure that you’ve created a positive first impression when a home buyers views your property. These programs also illustrate just how a little bit of time, effort and investment can dramatically improve the value of your property and probability of selling your home.

In light of these topics the following posting will outline some general hints, tips and tricks that you should seriously consider when you’re selling your property.

The Interior Of Your Home

It is very important to ensure your home is presented in an extremely clean, clear, uncluttered and tidy manner.
It is important that all of the carpets, surfaces, curtains, toilets and rooms are all freshly cleaned.
If there are any obvious faults i.e. broken door knobs, cracked glass, leaking taps ensure that they are immediately repaired or replaced by professional tradesmen.
If required bulky and excessive amounts of furniture and/or children toys should be removed from the room – this assist the buyer to feel a sense of openness.
All lights, lamps and bedside lighting displays are all switched on during the showing or viewing.
Dependant on weather conditions on the day of inspections attempt to open as many windows as you can to allow as much fresh air and sunshine as you can into the property.
Throughout the property use freshly cut flowers in vases to create a ambient feeling of calmness. (These also act to cover any odours throughout the home, which you may have come accustomed to.)
Importantly ensure that any pets – such as dogs, birds, rabbits are removed from the property. (If needed temporarily relocate them to your relatives – certain buyers may be fearful of such pets.)

The Exterior Of Your Home
Don’t underestimate the importance of your properties exterior presentation. Just about all of the real estate we have spoken to agree that that first impression’s count and that they can greatly impact on the sale of your home.

All of the properties lawns should all be freshly mown; and yes this includes whipper snipping the edges.
All of the formal hedges, plants or trees should be trimmed while any should weeds removed.
The properties gutters should be thoroughly cleaned and cleared.
Cobwebs, dust and dirt on the exterior of the house should be removed and cleaned.
Outdoor swimming pool should be recently cleaned and vacuumed.
Paths, driveways, and side entrance’s should be clear of clutter, leaves and other obstacles.
If required all outdoor hard surfaces should be thoroughly pressure cleaned. This includes such surfaces as: roofs, retaining walls, pathways, driveways, surrounding pool areas, etc.
It is also important that any windows are thoroughly cleaned and cleared of children’s finger marks.
If required you should seek the advice of a professional pressure cleaning contractor to organise an exterior house wash.

Now don’t let these lists overwhelm you; selling your home is already enough of a stressful time in your life. It is advisable to breakdown each of these sections to smaller manageable tasks and to distribute ownership of the various internal and external aspects of the home across different members of the family. Please note: That certain outdoor cleaning task such as house washing and roof cleaning require professional equipment as well as contain certain risks for the home handyman. In such cases contracting the services to a professional pressure cleaning company may be a cost effective procedure.

High pressure cleaning is one of the fastest, and most cost-effective ways to put the sparkle back into your surfaces and really make your home shine again. Your outdoor surfaces will instantly be resorted to their former glory. That’s right instantly restored, no need to wait days and days. It will occur right in front of your eyes. The dirt will be blasted off and the original decorative colour of the surface will reappear. High pressure cleaning is commonly used and highly recommend by many of the country’s leading real estate agents. So don’t underestimate its importance!

To conclude this posting, we hope that we have helped you the time you sell your property. We hope that you understand the importance of presentation and don’t underestimate the importance of appearance and presentation – which includes both the interior and exterior. You’ll be glad that you spent the time and effort into improving the look of your property. We assure you, that your home will sell quicker, and achieve a much higher price.

Should you require any further information regarding any aspects of high pressure cleaning, exterior house washing or graffiti removal please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff at quickly please cleaning services.

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