Prepare Your Property For The Upcoming Winter Months

Prepare Your Property For The Upcoming Winter Months

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It’ has approached upon us very quickly. Before you know it, winter will be here. It’s a good time to start considering ways you can prepare you home for winter. I’m sure that we all want to keep our houses warm and cozy. We have decided to write a short posting that offers you some simple, easy and very cost-effective measures to keep you warm, and those nasty electricity bills down.

Our Tips To Help Keep Your House Warmer:

Heating Appliance Inspections – we recommend that you contact a heating professional to conduct an inspection of your heating systems. A qualified trades person will be able to make the necessary adjustment to your systems to ensure that it operates in the most effective and energy efficient manner.

Install or Replace Weather Stripping – a simple and cost-effective that’s often overlooked. Weather strips are very easy to install, and are available from any leading hardware store.

Energy Efficient Glass Film – stop losing precious heat through your glass windows and frames. The energy efficient glass film reduces heat loss by about 25%. These films can be applied by anyone and are very effective.

Just before we conclude our article, we’d like to offer you some advice regarding your pathways, driveways and other outdoor surfaces around your property.

You’ve probably began to notice that, your outdoor surfaces have started to become slippery. A major contributing factor to your surfaces becoming slippery is due to the accelerated growth of moss and mould. To overcome these problems we recommend that contact a professional pressure cleaning contractor to clean your surface. Your local pressure cleaning company can easily rid your property of these containment’s.

High pressure cleaning is a simple, yet cost-effective way to prevent your surfaces from becoming dangerously slippery. To help prevent the re-growth of moss and mould we recommend that you speak to your contractor about anti-mould solutions. These solutions are fantastic, and act to inhibit the re-growth of moss and mould.

If you’d like to organise a quote for some pressure washing around your home, please call Quickly Please Cleaning Services 0431 585 783

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