Our Top Tips To Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

Our Top Tips To Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

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We love the outdoors! Spring is here and the weather is beginning to warm up. There’s’ nothing more we love than outdoor living and entertaining. If you are planning to have friends and families around to your place we hope you find the following article helpful. We provide our top 7 tips to help transform your outdoor areas! These are simple tips that will have a huge impact.


Tip # 1 Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Dirt and dust – don’t’ you hate it when your outdoor furniture is covered in a layer of dirt, dust and grime. There’s’ no place for dirt and grime. If you want to a short-cut in the battle against dirt we recommend you use your high pressure water cleaner.

We recommend you apply a strong outdoor cleaning agent to the surfaces. There are a number of products available at your local hardware store. Use a soft-bristle broom to brush down the table top and chairs. Leave the areas for several minutes and use your high pressure water cleaner to wash away the dirt and grime.

You do not need to use maximum pressure. Rather we recommend you use a high flow of water as opposed to a high rate of pressure.

Tip # 2 Clear Out That Clutter

Let’s face it; we all can clutter items from time to time. We often store a number of items over the winter period. We recommend you organise your local council clean-up and arrange to organise and clean out the clutter you’ve accumulated.

Once you cleared the area we recommend you use a high pressure water cleaner to wash the surface. If you don’t’ intend to use the items over spring and summer, store these items away in your garage.

Tip # 3 Clean Your Grill

We all love to BBQ but lets’ face it, we all hate cleaning up afterwards. We understand its’ a chore but it’s good to be done! We recommend you use hot water and specialised BBQ cleaning wipes to remove the layers of cooking sludge from the surface.

Once you’ve’ completed this head out to your local service station and purchase a replacement gas bottle. It’s surprising how often it’s overlooked it!

Tip # 4 Eliminate Those Cobwebs

Cobwebs can dramatically deteriorate from your homes curb appeal. There’s’ no better way to remove cobwebs and grime from the exterior of your home than using a quick house wash. House washing is an excellent way to restore your home and really make it shine again.

House washing has more benefits than ridding your property of cob-webs. If your home is painted house washing can help extend the lifespan of your paint.

Tip # 5 Tell Those Pests To Vanish and Be Gone!

There’s’ nothing i hate more. Enjoying an outdoor party and being covered in a swarm of mosquitoes and scratching for days on end. Its time to reclaim your outdoor area and purchase a off! Citronella candle.

These products are fantastic and will be appreciated by all of your guests. Tell those pesky mosquitoes whose boss!

Tip # 6 Blast Away Years of Embedded Dirt and Grime

High pressure cleaning is used to break the bond between dirt, grime and sludge and a outdoor surface. High pressure cleaning can achieve amazing results. It can really transform your property.

There’s’ no limit to what you can pressure clean – you can wash bricks, pavers, concrete, pebblecrete, sandstone and outdoor tiles. High pressure cleaners have become incredibly popular over the last couple of months.

High pressure cleaning is fast, safe and effective. High pressure cleaning delivers exceptional value for money.

Tip # 7 Add a Splash of Colour

A hot trend in outdoor house decorating is to use colour. Colour can be added through the use of outdoor cushions or throwover blankets. You could even try using a colour table cloth.

If you have a green thumb and love gardening we recommend you purchase some potted colour from your local gardening store.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you need help transforming your home and want to reclaim your outdoor areas, call the team at Quickly Please Cleaning Services. We provide high pressure cleaning, exterior house washing and graffiti removal services.

We provide a fast and efficient outdoor cleaning services. We provide free quotes and have a price guide on our website. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards for your convenience.

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