Our Guide To Repairing Common Faults In Pressure Cleaners

Our Guide To Repairing Common Faults In Pressure Cleaners

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High pressure cleaners provide a fast and effective solution for outdoor cleaning. High pressure cleaning is removes a high velocity of pressurized water to blast away dirt, grime and mold from any outdoor surfaces. There are hundreds of use of pressure washers – no wonder high pressure cleaning is fast becoming popular among modern homeowners. Recently, there has been a growing demand for smaller residential machines. In hardware stores there are a number of models, variants and psi ratings. The following article lists a number of common pressure cleaner faults, probable causes and recommend repairs required. Please feel free to explore our list of common faults.

Problem: my pressure cleaners ‘pulses’ when I’m not using it
By term pulsing, we mean once you release the trigger on your lance the machines surges and doesn’t idle correctly. However, when you engage the trigger the machine performs as normal. In many cases pulsing is a result of a water leak. Usually there is a leak inside of the pump, trigger or pressure hose. We recommend you inspect these items to attempt and narrow down the problem. If there is no detectable leak, it means your leak is inside of your pump. We recommend you contact your local pressure cleaning repairer.

Problem: low operating pressure
If your pump is running and unable reach normal operating pressure it may be:
A) your pump is sucking air – to remove air we recommend you check your pump inlet and tighten the fittings. To help purge air from your system we recommend you connect your garden hose and engage the trigger on the lance. You should leave your engine off. Run water through the machine for several minutes.

B) you need to replace your nozzles: worn nozzles can detract from the performance of your pressure cleaning machine. We highly recommend you regularly change your nozzles. These simple steps will help improve the performance and life-span of your pressure pump.

B) your regulating valves are worn and need replacing: we recommend you contact
Your local high pressure cleaning repair shop

Problem: my engine will not start
Before you commence any type of repair we recommend you let your machine cool down. We know it’s obvious, however it’s worth noting please make sure your machine has fuel. If your machine has fuel you should check your spark plug. It may have come loose or need to be replaced. We also recommend you clean your fuel filters and carburetor as well.

Problem: detergent inlet system not working
You may need to replace your black (soap) detergent nozzle. Please be aware your detergent system will only work when you use the black nozzle. The detergent inlet system may be blocked. Breakdown the system and unblock the inlet. To avoid such a problem occurring in the future we recommend you always run clean water through your inlet system. Never use hazardous chemicals or caustic cleaners through the inlet system.

High pressure cleaning can be a rewarding task and produce excellent results. Unfortunately, maintenance and repairs are inevitable. We hope you found our article helpful. If you have a fault and require assistance please write a comment below and our staff will endeavor to reply to you as soon as possible. If you require a professional high pressure cleaning service please contact us on 0431 585 783.

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