Operation and Use of Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Operation and Use of Pressure Cleaning Equipment

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Prior to pressure cleaning your outdoor surfaces verify that the current water restrictions allow household owners to operate the machinery. Failure to comply with the latest water restriction legislation may result in a financial penalty. Before operating a high pressure cleaning machine it is important to read the manufactures manual and safety precautions.

The probability of injury is dramatically increased without wearing the correct safety clothing, enclosed shoes, eye wear and ear muffs.To improve the efficiency, and process of high pressure cleaning remove all furniture, pots, electronics, leaves and other vegetative matter from the outdoor surface you’re about to commence cleaning on. Clearing all objects prior to commencing cleaning will reduce the machines operation costs by minimizing the usage of water and petrol.
When You’re Pressure Cleaning
When Pressure Cleaning

Manoeuvre your pressure gun in a slow and controlled motion over the surface.
Attempt to maintain the same level between the pressure gun and the surface to ensure a uniform clean finish.

What Not To Do When You’re Pressure Cleaning
When Pressure Cleaning Do Not Point The Pressure Gun Directly At

Outdoor lighting fixtures
Electrical boxes

Air vents

How Much Pressure Do I Need To Clean The Surface?

There are many different outdoor surfaces that can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner. Each surface is different from the other and all have unique characteristics. Some surfaces are able to with stand more pressure than other surfaces. It is very important to not use more than the required level of pressure to clean a surface. Using too much pressure on a surface can damage and jeopardize the surface. This can lead to premature deterioration and erosion of the surface.

Recent developments in technology have lead to an advanced pressure cleaning method. High pressure steam cleaning is the latest technological development in pressure cleaning.
What Is High Pressure Steam Cleaning?

High pressure steam cleaning is a combination of steam and pressure which is used to melt away dirt, grime, oil and mould from a surface. High pressure steam cleaning units are a combination of a pressure pump and a water boiler. The water boiler is able to generate and maintain temperatures greater then waters boiling point.

The powerful cleaning agent of steam enables the surface to be cleaned with reduced levels of pressure, as steam is able to melt away dirt, grime and mould from most outdoor hard surfaces. High pressure steam cleaning is fast becoming an effective alternative to harsh abrasives which risk of damaging the surface.

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