Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

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It’s no secret; natural stone improves a home. This robust and popular flooring option is a staple in modern design trends and a great match for homes of all types. Its amazing look does not come without some work; however, as the stone’s porous nature means some careful care and maintenance is vital.

Regular natural stone sealing and cleaning are the best way to protect your investment’s quality and aesthetic. The correct methods for both, however, are a must. Quickly Please Cleaning are the experts in natural stone care and have offered some important information below for all varieties. Read on to learn the best ways to ensure the right care and maintenance for your stone today.

Natural Stone types

When we refer to natural stone, we are talking about any of the following:

  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Terracotta
  • Bluestone
  • Basalt
  • Slate
  • And more

If there are areas around your property that feature these materials, you’ll want to ensure their correct care. A Quickly Please Cleaning maintenance program is the most effective way to achieve this.

Protection via sealing

The natural stone specialists at Quickly Please Cleaning are continually talking about the importance and benefits of natural stone sealing. It really is your best line of defence against the elements and the primary strategy when talking about care and maintenance. Our team is skilled and licensed in a range of sealing solutions and can easily identify the right sealer to work with your specific natural stone.

Sealing ensures longevity, upkeep of the stone’s quality, and a desirable aesthetic. The investment you make in sealing can also make the task of cleaning much easier as well.

Natural stone cleaning as part of your maintenance program

Regular cleaning goes hand-in-hand with sealing, and when given an element of routine, is the perfect combination for your natural stone maintenance. A professional team like the one at Quickly Please Cleaning can schedule a regular program for your natural stone care, so you don’t have to think twice about it. Add in some DIY spot cleans, and your stone care routine is not only quick and simple but incredibly effective.

Sealing and a deep clean only need to happen a few times a year, ensuring your natural stone is protected from extreme weather, spills, and standard wear and tear.

Preserving the beauty of a natural stone

A high quality clean and polish enhances the look of your natural stone, but it’s the lasting benefits that offer the real value. Anything you can do to extend the lifetime of your stone, means you stave off the high cost of replacement.

If you own a commercial property, these cleaning and sealing methods are the primary way to ensure it looks its best. These areas often see a lot of foot traffic, and regular maintenance is the only way to combat the beating your natural stone takes as a result.

How the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning can help

By trusting natural stone cleaning experts with your care and maintenance tasks, you not only save time but ensure the correct processes and materials. Our years of experience means our processes have been honed to ensure high-quality, tech-based assisted cleaning and sealing.

The incorrect process can cause more harm than good, and our professionals have access to quality cleaning and sealing products that are matched to the exact type of stone in your property. Benefit from our natural stone knowledge, correct cleaning tools and skilled team members.

Avoid the risks of the DIY approach, which only saves a small amount of money but takes a lot more time and runs the risk of incorrect materials or an improper process. When dealing with sealing, in particular, an incorrect job renders the whole exercise pointless. Don’t risk the care of your stone; leave it to the experts.

Setting up a regular maintenance program

No matter what, troublesome and stubborn stains will appear on your stone just based on day-to-day use. While these materials are resilient, regular care lowers the chance of significant damage. Leaving your stone without any attention for too long is the worst thing you can do. By scheduling a regular clean and seal, our proven processes ensure that your natural stone will never reach a danger zone that it cannot return from.

Our team can assess the level of care your stone requires based on a number of factors. This can include its age, the position of where it lays in the property and amount of foot traffic, cover from weather and more. From here, we’ll recommend a cleaning and sealing program that ensures it always receives the correct level of upkeep. Best of all, you will never have to worry about the task! We’ll take care of the work and schedule for you.

Care for your natural stone with the experts from Quickly Please today

Speak to the team at Quickly Please Cleaning about your natural stone cleaning and sealing as part of a proper care and maintenance program today. We have years of experience with natural stone of every type. We offer the most effective cleaning and sealing based on your needs and budget.

Let our expert team assess your needs and provide a no-obligation quote. We can offer pricing for a one-off clean and seal or regular maintenance program as part of your regular upkeep. We can answer any questions and discuss the sealing and sealer best suited to your stone to ensure you are happy with our process before moving forward. Let us save you time, take care of your natural stone and protect your overall investment today. The Quickly Please Cleaning team are standing by to help you ensure your property always looks its best. Give us a call today!