Cleaning Services : How to cure, prevent and remove mould

Cleaning Services : How to cure, prevent and remove mould

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Mould, it’s unsightly, a major risk to your health and over the last couple of months managed to creep its way into all of our homes. Luckily we’re here to help you eliminate these problems from your home. Our experienced team of cleaners has decided to write a short article about DIY solutions to removing mould and ways to prevent mould growth in the future.

The Cure of Mould

Mould is a major problem throughout many of our homes. A relatively popular and inexpensive way to remove mould involves white vinegar. That’s correct; it’s something that we have all got inside of our kitchen cupboards.

Who would have thought that a natural and inexpensive product such as white vinegar could be used to help you eliminate mould from your property? Well, it’s true. To help you eliminate mould, simply dilute a mixture of vinegar to water at a ratio of 4:1.

Simply spray the diluted solution on to your surfaces, and hey presto, the mould disappears. Stubborn areas may require additional elbow grease to completely remove the mould.

A common misconception to treating and removing mould is to use bleach. Bleach eliminates the mould by discolouring the mould, giving the appearance the mould is removed, when in actually fact it still remains.

A major advantage of our recommended white vinegar solution is that the mould spores are killed. The use of vinegar is an extremely useful trick and can be used on most surfaces inside of your home.

To remove traces of mould or algae from your outdoor surfaces there’s just no quicker and more effective way than high pressure cleaning – commonly referred to as a Gerni or Karcher. These devices are amazing at outdoor cleaning. There are no outdoor surfaces immune to high pressure water cleaning.

So no matter where you’ve got unsightly mould our team have the answers to eliminate the mould. If you are unfamiliar in the operation of a high pressure water cleaner we recommend that you contact a professional. Incorrect use of a pressure washer can damage your outdoor surfaces.


The Prevention of Mould

As the title of our article suggests, prevention is always better than cure! Regardless of the amounts of time you clean the mould, it always grows back, that is unless you identify and cure the underlying problem contributing to the mould. In most cases a major contributing factor to mould is moisture.

Everyday activities such as washing the dishes, showering and bathing all contribute to adding further moisture to the air. To overcome the humidity, ventilation is required. To help ventilate your property we recommend that you use de-humidifiers. De-humidifiers are increasingly popular choices to removing moisture.

They are available at any of your local hardware stores. De-humidifiers should always be kept out of the reach of children. There are other simple solutions such as using exhaust fans, and opening windows to create cross ventilation.

Applying High Pressure Cleaning

To reduce the frequency or requirement of high pressure cleaning your outdoor surfaces the same rule applies, eliminate moisture. Excess moisture on outdoor surfaces can often be a sign of inadequate or blocked drainage.

Another useful tip to preventing mould on your outdoor surfaces is sunlight. We understand that in some cases it simply inst practical, but where possible trim surrounding branches to allow more natural sunlight into the area.

You may have noticed that even your outdoor walls, eves and guttering are starting to become over grown by mould. To remove mould you’ll probably need to contact a pressure cleaning/house washing contractor to help you clean those surfaces.

To eliminate mould from these very difficult to reach surfaces a contractor uses a specially formulated house wash solution that’s applied to the surface from ground level. So please don’t risk climbing ladders trying to remove mould from those difficult to reach area’s leave it to the professionals. House washing is a fast, safe and very cost-effective choice for exterior cleaning.

To prevent the growth of mould on these types of outdoor surfaces, you may want to invest in to a anti-mould solution. Anti-mould solutions are effective additives that can be applied to these surfaces to prolong mould growth. Speak to your pressure cleaning/house washing contractor regarding these type solutions.

We hope that you found the following article helpful and useful in the fight against mould. If you have began to notice mould around your home and need assistance to eliminate mould, please contact our offices. 0431 585 783 or visit our website for further information about our high-pressure cleaning and exterior house washing services.

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