Mechanics Workshop Floor Degreasing and Cleaning

Mechanics Workshop Floor Degreasing and Cleaning

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It is common site amongst many mechanics today – a workshop that’s covered with a layer of dirt, grime, oil and sludge. A mechanics workshop is susceptible to a wide range of contaminants including many types of oil stains, brake and transmission fluids, tyre rubber and excessively large amounts of dirt from general foot traffic.

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Unfortunately, because of the heightened exposure and use of a mechanics workshop regular pressure cleaning is inevitable. In some cases, these surfaces will need to be high pressure cleaned once a month or fortnight.

We recommend that a mechanic should implement a scheduled high pressure cleaning program. A scheduled program will become a cost-effective procedure in the long-run. A clean surface ensures you provide your employees with a safe working environment at all times. While it may not appear overly difficult, we recommend you outsource your high pressure cleaning recquirements to a professional.

A professional high pressure cleaning company utilise state-of-the art equipment and specialised chemicals or detergents to clean and remove the toughest of stains. Cleaning a mechanics workshop presents many problems because there no drains – this is where a contractor insists on using the clean and capture system.
What’s The Clean & Capture System?

The ‘clean and capture’ system is a specialised form of equipment designed specifically for undertaking internal floor pressure cleaning. The ‘clean and capture’ system combines the power of an high pressure cleaner with the benefits of a industrial wet vacuum. This combination has resulted in a very powerful cleaning synergy for overcoming the toughest of commercial problems.

The ‘clean and capture’ system operates in a one-two punch to effortlessly handle the toughest of projects. The high pressure cleaner provides the cleaning power to remove years of dirt and grime. The vacuum equipment prevents water from collecting within the premises. This new and improved system has replaced inefficient traditional cleaning methods which don’t contain any form of water recovery and risk flooding the building. High pressure cleaning has become a very versatile solution for a range on internal floors.

If your workshop is in desperate need of a high pressure clean please contact us on 0431 585 783. We use the clean and capture system and service all of Sydney and Melbourne. If you need further information about high pressure cleaning or power scrubbing, please visit our website at

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