Is Paying a Driveway Cleaning Contractor Economical?

Is Paying a Driveway Cleaning Contractor Economical?

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Are a homeowner? Are you undecided about paying a contractor for a driveway cleaning service? Perhaps you’re thinking that you could do it yourself, hire a machine and have your husband clean the driveway over the weekend? If you are undecided about DIY vs professional driveway cleaning, take a moment and read out article.

Before we discuss if a professional driveway cleaning service is cost effective, we’ll need to establish that the following assumptions. These assumptions are based on the size of your driveway, the hire equipment available and rates charged per day of hire. In our article we have assumed that you’re driveway is about 50-70sq meters. Hire charges are as follows: a 3000PSI pressure cleaner is $175.00, and to hire a whirl-a-way additional rates apply.

Why You Should Outsource Driveway Cleaning

Today’s busy schedules have left many individuals time poor. So why would you want to spend your weekend (or husbands) working hard and pressure cleaning your driveway?

Important Things To Consider When Hiring


You need to account for the time taken to travel to your hire shop, pick up your equipment, wait on line at the store, pay and return to your home. You’ll need to learn how to use your newly hired pressure cleaner, only than can you finally commence driveway cleaning – after you’ve wasted about one hour.

If you’ve decided to save money and not hire the whirl-a-way you’ll quickly discover that it was a mistake – you may even decide to travel back and than hire the whirl-a-way and spend even more money.

By the way don’t forget the use of fuel for your pressure cleaner. You’ll probably need to travel up to your local service station. Are you starting to get our idea? Something that starts off as an idea to save money actually costs you your time, effort and much more money in the long run.

When you hire a professional company that specialise in driveway cleaning, rest assured that you’ve made a much more cost-effective choice. Why? A professional contractor uses equipment far superior to that you hire at your local store. They have the knowledge and experience to effectively clean your driveway and remove any underlying stains through the extensive use of detergents.

Their equipment reduces the amount of water used when pressure cleaning the driveway- saving you on you’re water bill. If you’ve got a driveway about 50-70sq meters, a contractor should charge you anywhere from $200 – $225 (based on a rate of $3 per sq meter) doesn’t this sound like a much more economical idea?


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