Is It Safe and Worth Sealing Concrete Driveways?

Is It Safe and Worth Sealing Concrete Driveways?

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Your concrete driveway is robust, but even a long-lasting solution like this requires protection and maintenance to ensure longevity. With concrete sealing, Sydney residents can protect the porous nature of their concrete driveway. This small amount of post-installation conditioning and regular maintenance is well worth avoiding the cost of replacement sooner rather than later.

The necessity of sealing your concrete driveway and the importance of professional sealing methods cannot be understated. Read on to learn why from the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning.

Is concrete sealing safe?

Yes, in fact. Concrete sealing can increase the safety of your driveway, especially if a sealant with non-slip properties is used. Concrete can last the lifetime of a property if well maintained, and with sealant, you can ensure that it is always looking its best. As concrete is porous, moisture and dirt can be absorbed into it, which causes staining, degradation and damage.

Sealing adds a chemical to the surface, which creates a protective barrier from potential contaminants. This prolongs the life of your concrete driveway while also making it easier to clean. With Quickly Please Cleaning’s environmentally friendly products, this is an extremely safe process.

The benefits of concrete driveway sealing

When you consider the fact that your driveway is a high-traffic area, exposed to pollutants, the elements and most prominently, the harsh impact of the sun, extra protection is always a good thing. Some of the benefits of concrete sealing Sydney residents will see include:

  • Increased longevity with a maintained appearance
  • Easier cleaning
  • Reduced cracking and protection from contaminants
  • Reduced slippage thanks to less mould and mildew build-up
  • An inexpensive maintenance solution that avoids early repair or replacement

Is it worth it to use a professional for concrete sealing?

Yes. Sealing is not something you want to get wrong. If done incorrectly, concrete sealing can be pointless, offering no protection to your driveway at all. The use of the incorrect sealer or sealing method can also cause more harm than good to your driveway material.

When you work with a professional team like the one at Quickly Please Cleaning, you’ll not only save time but have access to advanced sealing technology and high-quality sealers. We will apply our years of knowledge and experience in concrete sealing to ensure you have the right level of protection. Nothing beats the peace of mind in knowing that the job has been done properly!

Understanding the various concrete sealing and coating options

Sealing a porous surface reduces porosity and prevents the penetration of contaminants. There are, however, many different kinds of sealants and applications.

To help give you some understanding of sealants, here are the most common options when it comes to high levels of protection. 

Penetrating sealers

Penetration sealers are made with special resins that impregnate the concrete deep beneath the surface. This limits the penetration of water and oil-based contaminants while still allowing the natural stone to breathe. This is a great option for protecting the surface without affecting the finish and also makes the surface easy to clean. Penetrative sealers are an environmentally friendly option that has a long life expectancy, often providing up to 10 years of protection.

Topical sealers

Topical sealers create a film that coats and seals the top surface only. They also create a high gloss finish and are a very cost-effective option that forms a strong barrier between porous surfaces and contaminants. Great for the prevention of corrosion, surface damage and staining, this sealant provides a nice aesthetic for sleek indoor, contemporary spaces as well.

Solvent sealants

Solvent sealants are applied with a sprayer and are similar to penetrative sealants but differ in that they form a deeper bond with the surface via stronger chemicals. Better suited to low porosity surfaces, solvent sealers create penetration of up to 20mm and provide great protection against water-based contaminants.

They do, however, use powerful chemicals that emit strong odours and are not great for oil-based stains, which is why a concrete driveway application may not be the best match for this variant.

How often should you seal your concrete driveway?

There are a few factors that will determine this, primarily the type of sealant you use and the level of traffic that your concrete driveway experiences. For the best results, an annual professional cleaning and resealing is recommended.

At the least, resealing should occur every 2-3 years depending on the material, use and the surrounding environment. You can perform your own test to see if your sealant is still doing its job by pouring a small amount of water onto it. If the moisture is quickly absorbed into the concrete, it is time for a reseal.

If you are unsure, speak to our team about an assessment. We can also set up a regular cleaning and sealing program so you never have to worry about it again! By leaving it to the pros, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your investment is always well-protected and will last as long as it should.

Want to protect your investment? Speak to Quickly Please Cleaning for the finest concrete sealing Sydney can access today

The team at Quickly Please Cleaning have been providing expert concrete sealing and cleaning in the Sydney and Newcastle region for many years. We offer an affordable way to protect your investment and are known for our expert knowledge and friendly service.

We’ll happily offer our expert advice along with a no-obligation quote for our services for your concrete cleaning and sealing to ensure that your flooring investment is protected at all times. We also specialise in a range of sealing for other surfaces, including tiles and other natural materials. Speak to our experts today about protecting your home or business, and ensure that it always looks its best.