Is High Pressure Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

Is High Pressure Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

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Do you want to know if high pressure cleaning is really an environmentally friendly task? In the following article we talk about high pressure cleaning, however. We aren’t providing our useful helpful tips and tricks about pressure washing, instead. We will present to you a discussion about the environmentally friendly aspects of high pressure cleaning. In the article you will find a discussion about the following topics, waste water management, water recovery, recycling and bio-degradable cleaning agents.

To begin, I would like to discuss the topic of waste water management. I will admit traditional high pressure cleaning systems have inefficiencies in regards to the collection of waste water. In Sydney, Australia the disposal of any other matter other than clean water into storm water drains is illegal. You are not allowed to wash cleaning sludge and other materials down storm water drains. There are on-the-spot fines for those that dispose of anything other than clean water down the drain. While traditional pressure cleaning systems can present difficulties in regards to waste water management, modern equipment overcomes these problems.

The ground-breaking technology of ‘clean and capture’ overcomes the issue of incorrect and illegal waste water disposal. These systems are amazing! They not only reduce your chance of being fined, but increase your scope of services to include indoor floor and tile cleaning. The ‘clean and capture’ high pressure cleaning system operates in a powerful cleaning synergy. The system combines a high pressure cleaner and a water recovery vacuum. The result is a device that is capable of cleaning the surface, but immediately recovers the water, completely eliminating concerns about waste water management. The ‘clean and capture’ system is ground-breaking technology, and the latest in the industry.
High pressure cleaning, clean and capture, factory, water recovery

We are using our state of the art high pressure cleaning and water capture system to clean a factory floor.
High pressure cleaning, water recovery, vacuum, waste water, factory floor cleaning

The water recovery vacuum attached directly to our whirl-a-way surface cleaner. We use the device to clean the surface and capture the water immediately. There is no risk of waste water collecting within your premises.

Factories can present difficulties for other pressure cleaning companies, mainly because there is insufficient drainage – after all there is nowhere for the water to go. The ‘clean and capture’ system overcomes these difficulties and didn’t present a problem to our staff. We can use the technology to undertake tasks such as restaurant floor cleaning and indoor tile cleaning. The water vacuums are extremely powerful; there is never a risk of waste water collecting in the premises. High pressure cleaning is a powerful solution for commercial cleaning problems.

For those concerned about the conservation of water, there is more good news! The aforementioned ‘clean and capture’ system has recently been combined with mobile water recycling technologies. The clean, capture and recycling technology is truly an environmentally friendly solution to high pressure cleaning. There are estimates that suggest the recycling equipment reduces the amount of water used by a pressure cleaner by up to 90%.

The good news continues for the environment. The need for hazardous chemicals in high pressure cleaning is now dramatically reduced. There are numerous companies that are producing a range of bio-degradable cleaning products. These products combined with the above water recovery and recycling capabilities have transformed high pressure cleaning into an environmentally friendly solution to removing dirt, grime and other sludge from hard surfaces.

In conclusion, we believe the following article successfully argues that high pressure cleaning is an environmentally friendly solution. If you are in Sydney or Melbourne, and require a quote for high pressure cleaning or graffiti removal services please contact our offices on 0431 585 783. We have a very strong affinity towards our environment. We will only use bio-degradable cleaning agents, and can recover our water to ensure waste water doesn’t enter the storm water drains. The recovery of waste water is particularly important if your premises is nearby creeks, or other water ways.

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